MQTT, Instaneous Export - Question from the Glow Team



  • Thanks Ian, I'm still on the original 0314B700, I could ask Octopus to update but then the update may break something else....

  • Also seeing 0w on my IHD - support asked me to put my meter type and firmware in here.

    Electricity Meter (Energy Supplier responsibility)

    Device Type: ESME

    Manufacturer: EDMI [106C]

    Model: ES-30B [30E5A100]

    GUID: redacted

    Installed: 2022-06-27

    Firmware Certified: 23/04/2021

    Firmware Age: 2 [0320B720] (number of newer versions available)

     - Export MPAN configured [redacted]

     - Import MPAN configured [redacted]

    Security Expiry Date: 2026-06-18 00:00:00

    Energy supplier Octopus.

  • You may have my meter on your records from a year or so ago but in case anything has changed it is an: EDMI ES-10B and the firmware is 0314B700. Currently on Octopus Flex Economy 7 and fixed export

    It would be helpful to have an update on progress or lack of it in regard to enabling the flow of export readings via the Glow CAD for those of us that don't currently get them. If it is a meter firmware or other setting that is needed can you pinpoint who is responsible for updating the meter so we can look to the correct organisation to provide the solution?

  • Hi

    I don't see any export on my Glow IHD i.e. it never goes below 0.

    My live reading on my Octopus live display also never goes below 0w (I have an Octopus Mini).

    My electricity meter is a 118F - Aclara, model 00000107, it's firmware is 00070602

    Do you need anymore information?


  • @Jane@Glow I have a Honeywell AS302P, for which my supplied IHD has never supplied export indication. I now have a Glow CAD and whilst it provides MQTT cumulative export feed (to Home Assistant), it also does not indicate when exporting.

  • Hi, I've just received my IHD isn't working for export, the meter is a three phase Aclara 21M0139564, I assume this may be one requiring adding to the list

    Many thanks


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