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  • Well, I've a SMETS2 meter - no sign of export ever having worked - other than on the meter's own display. So I'm not sure that's quite correct.

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    My meter is an Honeywell AS302P:

    Using the local MQTT I do see a cumulative export figure but also expected the instantaneous export. well the current power to show positive for import and negative for export. 

    Is this possible without using a clamp? can the Glow MQTT show instantaneous export?

  • Hello @ianfretwell and @BNMBob - based on older comments in this thread, the instantaneous export question is possible with local MQTT, the challenge is meter type and firmware version.

    What are yours if you know them - and if you don't, drop us a line at support and we can check. Thank you.

  • Hello Jane, I am waiting for my supplier to update the firmware on my Honeywell AS302P as DDC other is not supported. (i also do not see the firmware anywhere).

    Once/IF done, Ill update this thread. Thank you

  • Hi @JaneatGlow, sorry about the slow response.

    No I don't think my loss of MQTT export meter total data coincided with DCC migration. I lost the export total in Apr 22, and pretty sure I was switched sometime later in the year.

  • Hello @JaneatGlow, the update of firmware on my Honeywell AS302P is done. looks like its now 09014009.

    No instantaneous Export.


  • Hi @JaneatGlow - my meter is a Secure Liberty 100. Its been migrated over to the DCC last year. Sorry but I don't know how to get its firmware version. If you can point me at some instructions I will post back what it is.



  • @bpeers - there is a screen on Bright in the Settings area that should give you the firmware. Are you getting your instantaneous export or not?

  • I am not seeing export being display on my display. These are my details.

    Aclara electricity meter with firmware version 00070806, Model SGM1412B.

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