MQTT, Instaneous Export - Question from the Glow Team

Hi everyone,

We've been having discussions with BEIS about the fact that some of you using MQTT have reported that you've recently lost your instantaneous export feeds.

This is not a policy decision - but apparently some



  • Ooops - sorry - posted before I meant to!

    Anyway - the question is - for those of you who have experienced this - what type of meters have you got and what is the firmware version? We are happy to go to the meter manufacturers to ask them why their latest firmware is, apparently, taking a backward step in terms of supporting optimising your export.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Janet,

    Not strictly answering your question but it seems that some people are reporting getting an export feed (cumulative and real-time) in their local feed (Kaifa meter) whereas others (me on EDMI) are only getting the real-time data and some are obviously getting nothing at all! I presume the cumulative local export feed comes from the meter and not from your cloud services so is this another discrepancy between meters that needs addressing?

  • Hi Janet,

    Not sure I have exactly the same issue but....

    I have a SMETS1 Secure Liberty 100 meter, type code E1S0B1

    When I switched to using MQTT access with my Glowstick last year I could succesfully get;

    Elec import total meter read kWh

    Elec export total meter read kWh

    Instantaneous elec power (either negative or positive depending on solar performance) kW

    However since April this year I have been unable to get Elec export total meter read, ( [702][00][01] in the MQTT JSON response), but I can still get Elec import total kWh and instanteous elec import/export kW.

  • Thank you @DaveS and @gedger - very useful and it feels as though the variance is due to meter types and then firmware.

    @gedger - if you are on local MQTT we aren't doing anything at all so it is about discrepancies between meters.

    What we have is the opportunity here, via this forum, to present back to BEIS and the DCC the Optimum requirements of the meter to support export. Then they can go back to the meter manufacturers and convey those requirements.

  • So my meter is EDMI ES12B - firmware 0314B700

    Provides real-time import and goes negative on export. I think this is how it should operate.

    wish list:

    The IHD to work as it does now i.e. displays real-time import (negative for export) plus show cumulative import for day, week month, year.

    Add display for cumulative export for day, week, month, year - no CAD/IHD I have had gives export data but fingers crossed for glow CAD support soon....

  • Hello @gedger - the IHD will support Export as requested, as will Bright and our APIs - but that work is unfunded by anyone so we have to fit it in when we have time.

  • I have recently had an ES-30B installed currently running firmware version 0320B720 (thank you Jane for your help getting the glow IHD set up!). At the moment it doesn't seem to be sending export data to the glow IHD at all. Local MQTT feed shows zero for cumulative, and the IHD and Bright app just shows import, with periods of export showing up as zero (or very small) values for that period.

    Ideally, I'd like the IHD to show negative instantaneous power values when exporting, but show separate import/export energy values for cumulative values.

    I've spoken with EDF about the lack of access to the export register from the IHD and they claim that it is because the meter is still in the 28-day provisioning period since it was installed on 13th October. It seems unlikely to me, but I will wait until later in the month before bothering them again. Maybe a configuration change gets pushed to the meter on the 28th day.

  • Thanks @beezly - what manufacturer is the ES-30B? I refuse to learn meter model numbers - got enough to remember! Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Jane

    My meter is an Elster AS300P:

    ACOR F/W version is 55497 (ASP04.04.01)

    MCOR F/W version is 29747 (MSP04.03.00)

    BOOT F/W version 08094 (BSP04.01.01)

    MQTT picks up all import consumption and unit rates. An 'export' header is also picked up although there is no actual export data.

    The meter does show a total cumulative export figure and Octopus get half-hourly reads from it.

  • Thanks @zapp79 - it does sound as though the meter manufacturer has turned off the instantaneous export. We are building up the list of those that have - thanks to you and others' help in this thread - and when we've got some more examples we will take them back to the DCC and BEIS.

    There is method and a plan!

  • Apologies - the es-30b is manufactured by EDMI.

  • Hi @janeatglow

    My experience is the similar to @DaveS - Secure Liberty 100. I can see instantaneous usage both +ve and -ve (when exporting) but no cumulative total - the data point is there, but just reads 0.

    No idea if this was different in April - i've only had solar panels a week!

  • Hi

    I don't see a negative value on my Bright app when I'm exporting.

    Right now my PV panels are producing about 2.5 KwH, iBoost is off and home is using about 400w so I am exporting.

    Listening to glow/<CADnumber>/SENSOR/electricitymeter through Home Assistant MQTT shows

        "electricitymeter": {
            "timestamp": "2022-11-10T11:27:58Z",
            "energy": {
                "export": {
                    "cumulative": 155.386,
                    "units": "kWh"
                "import": {
                    "cumulative": 5129.151,
                    "day": 4.046,
                    "week": 28.766,
                    "month": 61.909,
                    "units": "kWh",
                    "mpan": "my mpan number  ",
                    "supplier": "Octopus Energy",
                    "price": {
                        "unitrate": 0.3531,
                        "standingcharge": 0.4166
            "power": {
                "value": 0,
                "units": "kW"

    I have an Aclara SGM1412-B meter

    Boot loader FW Version 05.00.05

    Metrology FW Version 01.01.20

    Monolithic FW Version 07.06.02

    @JaneatGlow is that the info you're after?


    ps oddly though my Home Assistant Energy dashboard shows my export amount, maybe it works it out from the growth of the cumulative export amount.

  • Hello!

    Just noticed this thread, but I have posted a similar issue here: (might have been the wrong forum)

    This has changed when moving from a Glowstick to an IHD though, didn't happen out of the blue.

    This is my monitoring logs:

    The two blue bars show when the Glowstick was deactivated and when I received and connected the IHD, as you can see the gas instant reading was working all the way to when the Glowstick was deactivated and didn't work when the IHD was activated.

    The gas meter is a Liberty EG4v11 and the electricity meter is a Liberty 100. I also have a Pipit 500 without which the IHD doesn't actually connect to the meters.

  • Hi all - on behalf of another customer who has just signed up and after export - so we keep all this learning in one place! - he also has an Aclara electricity meter with Device Model 00000207 SGM1411-B meter and Firmware version 00070602 - which seems to match yours @MarkFresh, although one model number lower (and yes, thank you Mark - just what we need).

    That's interesting that the HA dashboard is showing your export - have you posted a question there by any chance?

  • Hi - I've just found this thread after I decided to look into why my own meter\ CAD \Home Assistant setup after it stopped reporting Export Data. I just thought that the reason for the data stopping in Nov was that I wasn't exporting any more. I now know I was wrong.

    I have been a Glow Stick user for about 2 years consuming remote MQTT data before migrating to a CAD and local MQTT data last year. Both of my meters are SMETS 1 Secure meters.

    I was able to read a cumulative Export data up until Nov 17th Nov 2022. Since then nothing.

    I seem to recall that something similar happened a year or 2 ago and I had to ask my supplier to re-push some settings? But it looks like this may not be the same case given others have had similar problems?

  • Maybe unrelated but I moved to Octopus in November. The tariff for gas has been wrong since then and after lots of chasing Octopus said:

    "Your previous energy supplier did not update your new gas meter detail on the national database and this is the reason that your IHD is not able to show your gas usage.

    We raised a request to the national database to update your new gas meter information first."

    @bpeers you may need to ask your supplier to request the national database to update your meter info.

    I hope that helps


  • Thanks Mark - I have asked Octopus to look into it and used the old email from 2021 when this issue happened so they have a previous reference point. Will let this group know how I get on.


  • Hi

    I have a Elster AS300P SMETS1 meter. ACOR F/W ASP04.04.01, MCOR F/W MSP04.01.01, boot F/W BSP04.01.01.

    Cumulative export in the MQTT stream is always zero, although I can read it off the meter dial.



  • After numerous emails to Octopus there was still no change. I called them after my gas bill was £960 for December. Turns out the reading i was supplying them was ft3 not kWh, the smart meter display was wrong. The guy on the phone pushed through the chage in a day and they rebated me money since October. Chameleon IHD said "Welcome to Octopus"

    Just waiting for the Glow IHD to update now.

    My advice: call them, don't do it over email.

  • Good morning all!

    It looks as though we are building up a few examples of firmware to be looked at. Are any of you also participants in any of the Home Assistant forums that use our CADs? is it worth asking there for further examples we can add to the list before we go back to the DCC and BEIS to try and get export working on meters where it has stopped?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Janet, could you share some links to the forums? I'm happy to go in there and post.


  • I'm not an HA user - let me ask one of their organisers and see what he suggests! Thank you Mark.


  • For the record - a customer whose data is appearing in Export has a SMETS2 Aclara 00000107 on Firmware version 00070806 - seen his nice screen grab of the output. :)

  • We too have a SMETS1 Secure Liberty 100 meter, type code E1S0B1 with the Glow Stick.

    Initially we were getting the cumulative export data [0702][00][01] in real-time, it then stopped for some time around the end of June 2022. We wrote to Octopus about it, and after a lot of back and forth, they were able to "pop through a few updates" and it started reporting again in October 2022.

    Unfortunately that didn't last long, stopping in November 2022. They now seem unable to address this, claiming the CAD is not compatible with our type of meter, which... we know not to be true :)

    Our supplier provided IHD also got worse around November 2022, where it used to show current usage with green/orange/red LEDs, and a segment meter graph, it now is always showing green and the lowest possible bar on the graph, even when we're boiling the kettle etc., This makes me think some meter settings or the firmware are incorrect.

    Not sure if it's worth going back to Octopus about, maybe will muster up the energy to raise it some time.

  • Hi @DaveS and @andersonhatch - do you know when your Secure meter was migrated to the DCC (if it has been) - did that coincide with when the export data stopped?

    And @andersonhatch - we supplied the GlowStick on behalf of Octopus to a number of their customers three or four years ago - perhaps worth reminding the agent of that fact and you are welcome to cc in our support address if you think that would help.

    When a meter is enrolled in the DCC our understanding is that export should be 'automatically' on - but clearly that is part of the learning.

    Happy Monday everyone and thanks for your ongoing support with sharing meter details. Soon have enough to go back to BEIS and the DCC.

  • Hi @JaneatGlow

    I have a SMETS1 Secure Liberty 100 meter which was working fine up until Nov 17th 2022 with regards to reporting the Export meter reading to the Hildebrand IHD\CAD whcih I then picked up via MQTT.

    I think my meter was adopted by the DCC on or around the 27th April 2022 as Octopus told me that the reason why they lost half hourly Gas meter readings between 2nd Aug '21 and 26th Apr '22 was down to DCC migration activity.

    I am still chasing Octopus to see if they can do anything but if you are right then maybe its all down to the DCC to try and fix?



  • Hi @JaneatGlow

    I’ve got an Itron EM425-UK2 meter I’ve been all through the menus but can’t find the current software version. The meter was supplied by EDF and they are still my supplier. I’m getting. Instantaneous export and lifetime total export.


  • @JaneatGlow I think the second time we lost the export data corresponds with when it was migrated to the DCC, yes. At least that was suggested by Octopus over twitter.

  • Thanks @andersonhatch - we've been told that whereas in SMETS1 world (pre DCC) that the supplier had to turn export 'on', with meters in the DCC that are SMETS2, it is automatic. Whether it is similarly automatic for enrolled SMETS1 meters seems to be in question based on what you are saying.

    @robin, thanks for your help - it sounds like Itron meter EM425-UK2 does support export which we'll let BEIS / the DCC know.

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