Bright outage including APIs and MQTT

Apologies all - we are experiencing firewall issues.

Please bear with us while we address the problem.



  • Thanks for the update Jane.

  • Thanks for the update, was starting to think it was a problem my end!

  • You are welcome - let's hope it is resolved soon... We appreciate your checking in here and not sending support tickets!

  • We are getting closer to resolution - thank you for your patience.

  • Service is slowly being restored - and we are testing as we go.

    When normal service is back, we'll let you know. In the meantime you should start to see data soon if you are not already.

  • I suppose this scenario plays nicely into the request 'benf' made just recently about being able to get the MQTT data directly from the IHD rather from the central servers :-

    "I was considering getting an Glow IHD for use with my SMETS2 meter and Home Assistant however I've noticed that the data access takes the path of going via a cloud MQTT server. Is there any particular reason that it is not possible to serve the live consumption data straight out of the IHD be that via HTTP or MQTT?"

    It would be rather handy!

  • I suspect there is a reasonable (and probably compliance/standards concerning SMETS meters) answer for this as I couldn't see Glowmarkt taking on the cost and upkeep of their own MQTT server if it was possible to do this ourselves.

    That said I do agree it would be nice to be able to take data from our meters directly over our own internal MQTT server and not have to have reliance on the cloud.

  • Genuinely thought my Home Assistant install had eaten itself until I checked the bright app and noticed that wasn’t working either.

    Local MQTT would be a great feature and lessen our impact of such outages.

  • Thanks for this update Jane,

    hopefully it’ll be back later today

    michael B

  • It looks like MQTT data is starting to arrive but the API is still down. I have integrations with both side by side in HA.

  • Thanks for your update @djbenson - that aligns with what we expect currently.

    When we are back to normal, I'll drop this discussion a post about local access :)

  • Another user here with connection issues still. I thought it was my local set up causing the issues, almost glad to see that's not the case.

    However I echo the calls for local access and hope one day it's given. I also hope the reason why it's currently not possible is purely technical/regulatory, but the cynical side of me suspects it's mostly for commercial reasons i.e. Glowmarkt make their money from our uploaded energy data and they couldn't afford to let us have local access and cut that off.

  • I know it's conjecture, but if local access was being withheld for commercial reasons, then I'd say allowing Glowmarkt to have my energy data is a fair price to pay for using the product and I'd be happy to do that and I guess I already am doing that - if the local access also required remote access to be enabled then so be it. But I guess we're now diving down the privacy rabbit hole.

  • Hi guys - I wasn't going to respond because, as you can appreciate, it is a bit busy here at the moment - but decided I needed to reassure you all that @sbb's point is pure conjecture and completely untrue (and rather disappointing, but that is the naive element of me).

  • sbbsbb
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    Yes to be clear my point was pure conjecture and only comes from the cynical side of me. Not based on anything but my experience with other data companies in the past. I've had nothing but positive dealings with Glowmarkt thus far :)

    I'd be very interested to hear more information on the reasons why local access is not possible (when you and the team are done putting out the fires, of course..)

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    Another vote for local access!

    My Bright app and MQTT access is still down, are others back up yet?

  • Hi everyone - what a day!

    OK - APIs are back up. We know there are data gaps, don't panic (as Jonesy would say) - we will get them sorted out. Be gentle with us for a little while if that's OK - the Ops team need to catch their breath, enjoy a cup of tea (or something stronger? ;) and then crack on with getting back to normal.

    It may take a day or two but those of you who have worked with us for a while, can feel confident that we are 'on the case'.

    If you've submitted a Support ticket that system was also unavailable (behind the same firewall) - apologies for the delay in responding.

    Have a good evening and thank you for your support.


  • Was actually retained data I saw in my MQTT feed

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    Update: for those who do not have our CAD and using our DCC Only service (as we describe it) - our connection to the DCC data flows is not back yet but will be once we've got it restored.

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    Hmm, no sign of MQTT data for me (and can't connect via MQTT Explorer either).

    Bright is back up but is telling me that the "Glow Display does not have Internet" connection (but it hasn't been touched and - as you can tell - the internet is definitely still up).

    Just me or ?

  • ….. same for me, Bright App back but “Zigbee Glow Stick does not have internet” and no MQTT feed

  • I've got the same. API and App now working. MQTT is still out of action. Appreciate you've had a rough ride today, so thanks for all your efforts.

  • MQTT has been turned off for the moment, intentionally, while the core systems are restored. As you know, we provide MQTT on an 'as is' basis - at the moment other tasks are taking priority.

    Thank you very much @danielsmith89 - much appreciated and I shall tell Clive and the colleague who has just come back from the CoLo (your data is on our servers, not AWS).

    @ianfretwell and @martinb - I will let Clive know.

    Restoring DCC data flows with the replacement firewall is the current task.

    Wishing you all a good evening.

  • Jane & Team, thanks for all your efforts.

  • I’d like to add my thanks for all the teams efforts too

  • Thanks Jane.. Bright back up now I guess the days’ data will catch up for me from the DCC for my Gas.. my electric is however all catched up to the last 30 minutes.

    thank you Jane

  • Great to see the team are on the issue. My MQTT still hasn't recovered so I'm not sure if this is resolved. The app is working for me though so I'm wondering if there's any action on my side.


    +1 for a local MQTT/API.

  • MQTT isn't working for me either right now.

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