Bright outage including APIs and MQTT



  • Having outages with MQTT and API intermittently again today.

    Can we please have an update on the roadmap (if any) for local access? Outages and interruptions becoming a bit frequent for my liking now.

  • I don't have the IHD but do use the APIs and they are fine for me since Friday afternoon.

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    API and MQTT was out for me between 10:00 and 11:12 today and been in and out a bit since too. I use the CAD

  • Good morning @danielsmith89 - I've checked and you were the only person affected (or certainly the only one who has reported an issue either here or via support@) - it appears local to you. Please contact support@ and we can investigate why either your device is dropping Wifi or falling off the HAN.

    It is obviously very disappointing to hear that you feel "Outages and interruptions becoming a bit frequent for my liking now." - you are welcome to return your CAD for a full refund, please email and we'll give you return address etc.

    For the record, the only outage we've had was at the start of the month due to the catastrophic firewall failure. We can also confirm that the last previous outage we had (of two hours) was back in 2018; as we are ISO27001 certified we keep full records.

    What has happened a few times this month is that the frequent refresh of DCC only data for customers using our free Bright App has not been available but the overnight reads were consistently delivered. That would not have affected you as you do have our CAD.

    Earlier in this thread we said we have local access on our roadmap but priority will be given to Export first - and the work for both has to fit around commercial projects.

  • Thanks Jane, I've just sent you an email. Hopefully, it's something we can sort, as I do love the product (when it's working!).

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    Cool - we'll deal with it there; it would be very unusual for us not to be able to sort it out. But hopefully I've not just shot myself in the foot saying that! ;)

  • Anyone else having problems again at the moment or just me?

  • I see no issues on the system. Please raise a ticket at if you still have problems.

  • Hi @danielsmith89,

    I've been doing support tickets for the last two hours across multiple customers and haven't had any issues - suspect it might be "just you". By the way - please don't interpret support tickets as problems for lots of people - this time it is all about whether the DCC alerts that someone might have moved are accurate, or not.

    Obviously, drop us a line if you think there is something we can help with.

    Have a good weekend, Jane

  • I emailed in last night and again this morning?

  • Good morning - got to the forum before your emails :)

  • Hello, sorry to resurrect an old thread but I'm still not seeing data in Home Assistant via the HTTP API (it's fine in the Bright app).

    Should I be seeing data, or is the HTTP feed switched off whilst a way forward is decided upon?

    I only ask because I'm waiting for the glowcad/glowstick 2 so I'm stuck with HTTP access for now!

  • The app uses the same api - you have something else wrong somewhere.

  • OK, thanks, I'll keep digging then

  • Hmmm, data is flowing again after removing and re-adding the HA component, but it's all negative numbers (Apparently I'm using -1829.0kWh of gas at the moment! :D )

    I'll investigate.

  • I'm having issues with MQTT today, anyone else in the same boat?

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    Yes, stopped around 9.21...

    In fact I think it was off from 2am until 4.45am too.

  • I collect half-hourly electricity meter readings via Python & MQTT then save them in a database. There are no gaps in my table since midnight last night.

  • Hi all - thanks for letting us know - the Ops team are investigating and I can hear discussions underway.

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    and it's back...

    ...spoke too soon! I'll wait for Jane to tell us it's sorted before saying anything else!


    Normal service restored.

    Overnight there were no issues so anyone who had a problem then, it was local.

    Grovelling apologies from the Ops team - a little earlier this morning they inadvertently created a duplicate IP address that was quickly fixed, thanks to your letting us know there was a problem.

    Sorry from me for the brief inconvenience caused.

  • Is it DNS related - as I still can't connect currently?

  • no it is not dns - what host are you trying to connect to?

  • Ignore me, it's working now, thanks :)

  • Thanks for letting me know

  • @danielsmith89 - is your setup still working ok or problematic? Ive bene having issues for a couple of days now

  • Just to confirm, I have now released the update for the Home Assistant integration that reduces the polling to once every 30 minutes at a random interval past :00 and :30 past each hour, as suggested by @clivee. Hopefully as people update, the load on the servers should go down - further changes to reduce the load even more are being tracked at 1000s of DNS lookups to · Issue #55 · HandyHat/ha-hildebrandglow-dcc ( Apologies for any inconveniences caused!

  • Thanks for that I upgraded the integration last night when the troubles started in case it fixed my issues lol

  • Thank you @HandyHat for the update and amending your code.

    FYI, we've a new issue - and running status updates at

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