Issue Getting Historic Data from Honeywell Smart Meters

I wanted to create this post to highlight that there is an issue accessing Historical smart meter data (the 13-month history) from Honeywell smart meters.

It seems there is a fault with Honeywell's implementation of the DCC standards that mean consumption data is not getting forwarded onto registered DCC Other Users (of which Hildebrand is one). This is preventing people like myself from accessing our historic records via the Bright app or Glowmarkt API.

I've been made aware that this issue has been escalated with the DCC (who manage the SMETS2 infrastructure) and that they are in discussions with Honeywell.

I would hazard a guess that Honeywell didn't test compatibility with DCC Other Users fully before rollout, but with the ability for SMETS2 meters to receive firmware updates, they can hopefully rectify this issue (but who knows how long that'll be).

I'd like to add that since receiving my Glow IHD/CAD and connecting it to wifi, I have access to the full consumption history from that point forwards just not the 13-month prior history that is usually stored by the smart meter.


  • the meters store 30 days worth of half hourly data and 13months worth of daily register reads. the issue with the meter not returning the data will not be to do with the otheruser not being tested, as that is a DCC specific restraint, it is likley also happening with any user that tries to request data from the meter. That could be a meter specific problem, or it could be a DCC issue with the size of the message being sent. its possible if you requested the data in smaller chunks, like a week a time, you may be more succesful.

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