Persistent disconnection from WiFi

I've had my IHD/CAD for a few weeks, but I've found it's repeatedly disconnecting from my WiFi network. Most of the time, it will retry - but often it will show "Connection failed" and stop sending any data. Of course, this isn't optimal.

I have two Mikrotik APs managed with CAPsMAN, and the device is associating with one only a metre or two away. Signal strength is reported on the CAP Manager page as -47, which I assume is -47dBm, which is pretty good. TX and RX rates are good - in the 120Mbps range.

What I can't work out is why the device is disconnecting. It's being assigned an RFC1918 IPv4 address (192.168.252.x) with a 1h lease time, and it disconnects at irregular intervals - something OK for minutes at a time, sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting three or four times in a minute.

Is there any debugging information available from the IHD/CAD to diagnose why it's disconnecting?


  • A further update - I've moved the IHD/CAD on to a different network with a non-RFC1918 IPv4 address and the issue persists. This doesn't sound like an IP-layer issue (e.g. outbound connectivity being interrupted by address translation).

    Going further thanks to J7 on the PCB, I've captured the following from the debugging output when the device disconnects and reconnects:

    I (219756) wifi:state: run -> init (ce00)
    I (219766) wifi:pm stop, total sleep time: 11046851 us / 13938928 us
    I (219766) wifi:new:<1,0>, old:<1,1>, ap:<255,255>, sta:<1,1>, prof:11
    [ESP] WiFi: Connection failed
    I (221346) wifi:new:<1,1>, old:<1,0>, ap:<255,255>, sta:<1,1>, prof:11
    I (221346) wifi:state: init -> auth (b0)
    I (221356) wifi:state: auth -> assoc (0)
    I (221356) wifi:state: assoc -> run (10)
    I (221376) wifi:connected with XXXXXXXXXX, aid = 2, channel 1, 40U, bssid = xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    I (221376) wifi:security type: 3, phy: bgn, rssi: -36
    I (221386) wifi:pm start, type: 1
    I (221476) [ESP] ThlClient GAP: EVT 3 SEARCH EVT 1
    I (221496) wifi:AP's beacon interval = 102400 us, DTIM period = 1
    I (222276) event: sta ip: X.X.X.X, mask: 255.255.255.Y, gw: X.X.X.X
    [ESP] event_id: (7) SYSTEM_EVENT_STA_GOT_IP
    [ESP] WiFi: Station connecting
    [ESP] WiFi: Got IP

    BSSID, MAC and IPv4 addresses masked out. I wonder if this is less of an IHD issue and more of a hardware/ESP32 issue.

  • For anyone coming across this post, the issue is fixed (at least for me) in firmware 1.7.4:

  • I had the same issue and it turned out to be due to the fact my network was in WPA/WPA2 (mixed) authentication mode-or at least setting WPA2 resolved the issue. However, my firmware version is reporting as 1.5.0 :-( . How do I upgrade- should it happen automatically?

  • The first thing I'd check is that your device has outbound access to the Internet - both DNS and HTTP (and probably HTTPS) too as the IHD is probably going to have to resolve the update server's hostname to an IP address, and download the updates over a widely used protocol.

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