Help a dim user with Temp/Hum sensor & HA

Hi all

I've received my T&H sensor, it's joined/bonded successfully. Hurrah!

I've added the config suggested by using my Glow IHD MAC (as in use already for the Elec/Gas metering) & TH Sensor MAC (as displayed in the bonding screen on the IHD)

Can't see an obvious way to either check that the data is being transferred - or to display it... any help gratefully received.


  • I just created in new sensor in my mqtt.yaml file

    - name: "Hildebrand Battery"

     unique_id: "hildebrandbattery"

     state_topic: "glow/XXXXXXXXXXXX/SENSOR/glowsensorth1/XXXXXXXXXXXX"

     unit_of_measurement: "%"

     value_template: "{{ (value_json['glowsensorth1']['XXXXXXXXXXXX']['battery']['value']) }}"  

     icon: mdi:battery

    I also created a temperature sensor, humidity sensor and a Zigbee strength sensor, though I only actually use the temperate and the battery sensors which I added them to my HA dashboard.

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