Hi, I have recently installed Bright app but the tariff on the electricity account is wrong as Eon have not updated recent increases ! Also our gas usage does not show on our IHD despite numerous requests from Eon. So do I assume we can only use the app for electricity for consumption only and not cost.


  • Yup, all suppliers seem to be incapable of keeping / correcting the tariffs on smart meter. I'm with Octopus and they're just as bad. I tried to raise it with OFGEM but there doesn't appear to be anyway for consumers to be able raise general complaints. I think it's completely unacceptable for a smart meter to display the incorrect costs for a service but this seems to be the norm!

  • I left EON.Next because of a rude customer service member who told me it was impossible for them to update the IHD and completely ignored my requests to update the Meter. Despite the face that a month ago a much nicer customer service member had managed to update the meter - But then the rates changed again.

    OfGem are dis-interested but if your IHD is under reporting your costs and you are on a tight budget then there's the potential for a nasty surprise.

    Letter to MP coming I think.

  • There is the ability in the bright app to manually add a tariff if the ones read from the meter or DCC are incorrect. This also shows a history of tariffs which is useful. I've used this as a bridge as I have a fixed tariff.

    On the home page click on View/Amend Tarriff and then click on the '+' in the top right to add a tariff.

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