Is the server down or something (22/11/2022) ? Glow Display SMETS 2 does not have internet

Glow Display SMETS 2 does not have internet

Nothing wrong with my wifi or the smart meter itself as far as I can make out.


  • Error message on the app is "The hardware identifier of the device is ... Last seen Nov 22, 2022, 1:17:40 PM"

    The actual IHD itself looks like it is communicating with the smart meter just fine. And the IHD says it has an internet connection, so I really don't understand.

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    I've just noticed similar, have had no update since 10:15 this morning. Meter and Internet connections all good.

    Have restarted device to make sure, but problem still persists.

    Just checked with friend who also has Glow Display and his Bright app is also reporting the same time since CAD last seen. We live on separate floors in the same block of flats. Our Hyperoptic Broadband is otherwise fine.

  • I have exactly the same issue with a last seen date/time of Nov 22 2022 1:17:26PM, I assume that this is a system issue as nothing has changed at my end.

  • My problem is the same and started at around 10:15:21 yesterday as well. Must be something at Glow end for it all to happen at the same time

  • Same issue for me too. On the app or webapp version, both saying

    "Last seen Nov 22nd @ 10:14:55AM - Glow Display SMETS1 does not have internet"

    I have powered the device off/on, it shows as connecting to the home WiFi as well as the smart meters but the app seems to think otherwise. Has anyone logged this as a ticket to support at all? If so, have you had any feedback?

  • Sent an email to support but no reply as yet, and the problem persists

  • Hello all - we can reassure you that this is not affecting everyone. What we noticed is that a few of our customers lost the Wifi connection at 1015 precisely yesterday.

    We've identified the root cause and just sorting it out - it relates to the specific queue your data is coming into. Normal service will resume soon.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused and many thanks to the person who mailed Support and pointed me to this thread :)

    Will post an update when we've got one.

  • Thanks Jane for that. Looks like we're all very special then if it's only affecting a few of us lol!

    Glad someone had raised a ticket and pointed you here. Will leave it in your capable hands to resolve!

  • You are all special as the next to last character in your MAC is the letter 'F' :)

    @clivee said the backlog clearing is underway - but slower than ideal. It may take as long as overnight but please don't be concerned, no data is lost.

    Thanks all for bearing with us while the backlog clears.

  • You will also be special if the next to last character on your MAC is the number 5 apparently - in case some of you say but I'm not an 'F' ;)

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    lol, I'm an F! 🤣

    Thanks for the update Jane! Much appreciated.

    UPDATE - As of 2pm, my device has started to respond again. Thanks for fixing it!👍️ - ............Although I might have spoken too soon lol

  • Thanks for getting on to this Jane

    @Adrian, mine has been coming through in splurges too. First at 1:10pm, again at 2:49pm and then off again.

    Guess just have to have patience until it catches up with itself.

  • I’m a ‘5’ ..!

    One packet of data came through 10 minutes ago, but since then it’s reverted to no connection.

  • Its coming - as we said - it may take through the night to get fully recovered.

  • Back up for me now - thanks for your help.

  • All done now - sorry for that all you 5s and Fs

  • So many jokes that could be made after @clivee's comment... I shall restrain myself!

    Thanks again all for your support.

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