Bright app - non data since yesterday lunchtime

Hi all, just wondered if anyone else is having problems with the bright app recording data since yesterday lunchtime. I've had no data since 1pm.


  • As soon as I've posted this, it's working again, timing!

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    yes no data appeared after 1300 yesterday, then a few hours ago all yesterdays data up to midnight appeared. Not had any more data since

  • Yeah that's what happened with mine. I've got all of yesterday's data but nothing for today yet.

  • Same again for today. Fridays data arrived mid morning, but nothing for today.

  • Could possibly be a move to daily updates only. Hopefully not though.

  • Hi all - we've had a few tickets in on this issue.

    To reassure @poshboy42 - no, we aren't going back to daily updates only. We were the first to provide more frequent updates, when we can, and continue to offer that service.

    We are entirely dependent on the DCC and its response times - in fact, originally, we only retrieved the data once a day but around nine months ago added the ability to try and refresh more frequently if the end user asks for a refresh by swiping down or clicking on the 'Refresh Data' button. The DCC infrastructure does respond more slowly sometimes - and when we are in their peak busy times (when engineers are installing between 1000-1600 on weekdays) things are likely to be slow.

    With our CAD you get the meters' real-time data refresh cycles which is every ten seconds for electricity and 30 minutes for gas.

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