Bright app - non data since yesterday lunchtime

Hi all, just wondered if anyone else is having problems with the bright app recording data since yesterday lunchtime. I've had no data since 1pm.



  • As soon as I've posted this, it's working again, timing!

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    yes no data appeared after 1300 yesterday, then a few hours ago all yesterdays data up to midnight appeared. Not had any more data since

  • Yeah that's what happened with mine. I've got all of yesterday's data but nothing for today yet.

  • Same again for today. Fridays data arrived mid morning, but nothing for today.

  • Could possibly be a move to daily updates only. Hopefully not though.

  • Hi all - we've had a few tickets in on this issue.

    To reassure @poshboy42 - no, we aren't going back to daily updates only. We were the first to provide more frequent updates, when we can, and continue to offer that service.

    We are entirely dependent on the DCC and its response times - in fact, originally, we only retrieved the data once a day but around nine months ago added the ability to try and refresh more frequently if the end user asks for a refresh by swiping down or clicking on the 'Refresh Data' button. The DCC infrastructure does respond more slowly sometimes - and when we are in their peak busy times (when engineers are installing between 1000-1600 on weekdays) things are likely to be slow.

    With our CAD you get the meters' real-time data refresh cycles which is every ten seconds for electricity and 30 minutes for gas.

  • Where is the “Refresh Data button” or where does one swipe down, in the Bright App or on the CAD as have tried swiping down on both to no avail?

    I am still not clear as to the source of the displayed data in the App and on the CAD. Is it directly from the Smart Meter/Comms Unit or routed back via the DCC i.e. retrieval of data and response times comments above?

    After a period of reliability, the CAD and Bright App lost connection around 00.30 this morning until reconnected at around 06.00. So there is a gap on both and past data not retrieved.

    Significantly and worryingly, no overnight data download via DCC to Octopus again so suspect both problems could be linked.

  • @Chevaline - if your supplier aren't getting data and Bright isn't - definitely root cause will be the same and typically that your WAN is down.

    But if you have a CAD - we should still be connected - please send an email to from your Bright email address and we can investigate.

    With our CAD, you get your data immediately (provided the connection is up) directly from the meter through the day. Then, overnight, we run a process to capture the actual half hourly meter profile reads for each of the fuels - and replace what we calculated for electricity (by adding up the previous 30 minutes) with the actual reading. Hope that clarifies.

  • I’ve just started to have issues with the app since yesterday (25th Dec). My display is working fine but my app doesn’t load anything. All the data has pushed through to my Octopus app overnight however. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Yeah I'm seeing the same problem. The bright app isn't loading any data and there's no data available via mqtt (non local mqtt). The home assistant integration is also not picking up any data.

  • Same here, looks like from my logs that’s problems started about 11.40am yesterday (Christmas day) - and the API is just returning 500 errors

  • Happy Christmas everyone. It does sound like we’ve an issue - thanks for flagging it. Tech Support not getting much of a holiday break by the sound of it.

    Will post here with news when we have it.

  • Same here unfortunately, no API or MQTT data since 3.52AM on Christmas Day

  • Hi @danielsmith89 - I’m part of the Glow team. As per my previous post, we are aware and can see there is an issue and are on the case. Thanks for your patience as we work on resolving.

  • Looks like the server is down now. No log in available .. just keeps asking for email and password despite correct details entered.

  • Hi again all, we are aware we have an issue and are working on the fix. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. The Glow Team.

  • @janeatglow It's not bothering me much so I'd not worry about getting it up and running today. Having time with family and friends is more important! Sure you folks will get on it at some point!

  • Thank you @Adrian - very kind of you to be so thoughtful. I'll tell the two team members what you said and they'll appreciate it :)

    The good news is that normal service has resumed.

    Enjoy your Boxing Day everyone!

  • Thank you Jane. Appreciate you and your teams efforts on Boxing Day!

  • @janeatglow - Thanks as always for what you do especially over the holiday. Not something that needs fixing now, but is the restapi OK? Mine stopped providing data from EDF at about 5:30am on the 24th.

  • Amazing support and work over Christmas!

    I am on Octopus Go Faster tariff I just noticed that my Bright app is showing the daytime tariff for night use.

    Is this part of the same issue? If so do I need to do anything?

    It's bit scary that it suddenly looks like it cost me three times as much as expected to charge the car overnight!

  • All seems to be up and running more. Thanks to you all.

  • Wow! That’s great service. Been away today and wasn’t expecting the fix today. Thank you. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the festive period.

  • You are very welcome all - I know that several people have been looking forward to having time to engage with their data this week, so glad we could help.

    @PeteThomas - your issue is local to your meter and what your supplier has loaded. Contact us for specific guidance.

    @RogerSelwyn - not sure what restapi is - but again, it will probably be local. Try the classic power cycle (guidance straight out of the IT Crowd ;) ).

  • Happy Christmas all!

    Not sure if it's related, but my EON.Next meter hasn't been seen by Bright since (exactly) 3.30am on the 24th. I was hoping all the fixes above might spring it back into action so didn't want to spam the forum but to no avail. Any thoughts?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Hi all,

    I'm with eon next and the app has not updated since the 23rd Dec since 10pm.i realise that its a glitch but look forward to it being resolved.

    Many thanks sean

  • @Seany and @Simbo - the systemic problem was resolved two days ago - anything since that is causing a problem is local to you and, as per usual, we need you to report the problem to as then we have your details and can investigate.

    Thank you!

  • Hi, I've had no data in the Bright App since 14:00 on 1st Jan. No data in the API i script I have on the raspberry pi either since the same time. Is there anyone else with an issue?

  • My CAD keeps showing yellow triangles. power cycle sometimes works and starts showing both Gas and Electric. EON supplied CAD has been working throughout.

    App help says move CAD closer to SMETS meter.

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