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  • Just wanted to add my thanks to the team for listening to the community and providing local MQTT access, and for putting in the extra work to enable it on the existing CAD with display. It will surely benefit a lot of smart home tinkerers like mysel…
  • I am also seeing an outage in the Bright App and mqtt feed. Both are disconnected. The CAD itself is reporting the WiFi connection as fine.
  • I have the same issue here. It seems there a few people having issues across threads on this forum. No word from Glowmarkt, you're best off putting in a support request.
  • MQTT and API are working here.
  • Yes to be clear my point was pure conjecture and only comes from the cynical side of me. Not based on anything but my experience with other data companies in the past. I've had nothing but positive dealings with Glowmarkt thus far :) I'd be very int…
  • Another user here with connection issues still. I thought it was my local set up causing the issues, almost glad to see that's not the case. However I echo the calls for local access and hope one day it's given. I also hope the reason why it's curre…
  • Solution found: There was a '+' symbol in the email address used for my bright credentials which was somehow causing my issues. Jane updated my email address to one without a '+' symbol and all is working as expected.
  • Hi Dougie, That seems to be the same as the command I tried on October 17 above and it didn't work. I've tried it again with no dice, the result is the same as on October 17.
  • Hi, I definitely have v2.0.12 installed and I'm hitting https:// but I'm getting a new lookup error: pop-os:~$ sudo snap install mosquitto mosquitto 2.0.12 from Mosquitto Team (mosquitto✓) installed pop-os:~$ mosquitto_sub -h…
  • Hi Dougie, tried that but it still is not working: mosquitto_sub -h -u <USERNAME> -P <PW> -t "SMART/HILD/<mac>" --capath /etc/ssl/certs -p 8883 -d -v -V mqttv31 Client mosq-0ngzEGHcz3yfttIMMC send…