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  • ah yes... I'm using MQTT not the API sorry, and that export information is extremely useful! Great to hear that local access is making progress, thanks for the update.
  • Hi Jane. When you say ‘export’, what functionality do you specifically mean? I already get both live power export data and exported energy data from the API so I’m just curious as to what extra functionality you’re planning.
  • I would not be keen on a regular fee for local access. One of my main motivations for implementing local access is to ensure I’m not subjected to chargeable third party services. I would expect local access to be an included and basic option, especi…
  • Same issue for me too. MQTT stopped receiving data at 6:34 this morning. (thanks for the efforts in resolving this too, I'm only chiming in to mention the time in case that's helpful).
  • I know it's conjecture, but if local access was being withheld for commercial reasons, then I'd say allowing Glowmarkt to have my energy data is a fair price to pay for using the product and I'd be happy to do that and I guess I already am doing tha…
  • Hi - is MQTT still down, or should it be working again? I'm a new user so just need to know if my connection issue is because I'm doing something wrong or not!