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  • @wallport yes it's the standing charge being added. I wish it could be added as a proportion every hour as I start every day in the red and end up in green at the end. @SJMac it annoys the life out of me that 'smart' meters aren't intelligent enough…
  • Some of the issues may relate to the meter always using GMT as its base. A SMART meter that is unable to compensate for BST/GMT changes isn't that smart. In my case the app data matches the local MQTT data but remember the data is updated on a half …
  • My export data is 0 too. I'm presuming there must be a setting somewhere but I can't find it
  • Most people who would be buying these would be feeding into some form of home automation system using MQTT. If you have a smart meter you can access the data using the Bright app so you don't need the the IHD/CAD to access that.
  • Is that real data? If so, I think it's a bug. I don't have gas so can't check.
  • Weeks start on Monday (1am at present due to BST midnight during GMT) This is real data from my meter installed this week at just before 1pm BST {   "electricitymeter":{    "timestamp":"2022-07-17T11:59:35Z",    "…
  • The meter is using GMT as its time so, during BST, the day starts and finishes at 1am. Glow could 'correct' the time but there is no point as it would mean that the meter reading and Glow's would be 'out of sync' . It would also cause issues with Ec…
  • Not sure if this is helpful or not. The Smart Meter isn't 'smart' enough to cope with BST so the time stamp is based on GMT so the timestamp is only correct during GMT and 1 hour out (behind) during BST. This isn't Hildebrand's fault as it originate…