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  • +100 to this post ^^^ +1 vote for local access from me too =)
  • Nope, afraid not - seems to have lost data after 0900 and not yet come back.
  • Hey all, Had an email response form Jane who has advised that they had a bit of an outage which is being updated on the general category: https://forum.glowmarkt.com/index.php?p=/categories/general specifically: https://forum.glowmarkt.com/index.php…
  • Yesterday MQTT Explorer on OSX was timing out trying to connect on either port. This morning I get an immediate 'Not Authorized' message when trying on port 8883 and an immediate 'Discconected from server' error when over port 1883. (TLS and non I b…
  • Is there another outage? MQTT hasnt been feeding all day (only just noticed) and my app wont log in either (only just tried). Dan
  • I can confirm that the last datapoint I saw last night was at 20:00:37 and the next one recieved was at 12:59:52 - both in BST.
  • Yeah, that'll be it for sure! Ok, As this is a mainstream image I'll await updates from the maintainer as apposed to try and roll my own fix. I've just rebuilt the eclipse-mosquitto image with a differing base alpine image of their latest 3.14.2 a…
  • Has there been any sort of TLS updates done on the MQTT node? I can connect ok from a system client (MQTT Explorer on OSX) however am now getting TLS errors when trying to connect using the eclipse-mosquitto:2.0.12 docker image which I use to provi…
  • I've just done a quick couple of captures and got the following: msg recieved, seconds since previous 11:10:06     11:10:20    14s 11:10:32    12s 11:10:45    12s 11:10:58    13s 11:11:11    13s 11:11:24    13s 11:11:36    12s 11:11:49    13s
  • Bagh! Yes, all me! Some numbskull (me again) forgot that he's had his electric turned off on one circuit today (which includes the CAD)... Doh!
  • Are things offline again? Cant seem to connect to the mqtt server.
  • Thanks for your work on this @clivee - I'll keep an eye on this. @DMoore - What are you using to extract the data via the API, I'd like to implement something similar as a failover so that if MQTT goes offline, I can spin up a node to extract it vi…