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  • Borpin, is your meter like mine a L&G G470?
  • Maybe it's worth saying why correct gas day volume matters - to me at least! The National Grid update their calorific values at around 10:30 each morning. So I'd prefer to calculate today's gas cost using this data rather than the kWh figure returne…
  • Octopus have just confirmed to me that my Landis+Gyr G470 is on the latest firmware release. Difficult to believe that all those hundreds of thousands of such meters in the field are all wrong and that no-one has noticed.....? Is you meter, Andy, al…
  • It would be useful to know if other users are getting correct gas volume units from local MQTT - ie dayvol, weekvol, monthvol] and dayweekmonthvolunits all showing as m3 not kWh. I'd be grateful for feedback from other local MQTT users.
  • dayweekmonthvolunits I raised a ticket on this same issue. Jane's reply was: "The team have now had time to have a look at your ticket - basically they said that we can only reflect what the meter is set to hold. What you have shared is what…
  • Further comment: so far as I can find out, the meter stores a fixed calorific value of 39.5. I don't think this gets updated.
    in MQTT Gas kWh Comment by johng July 2022
  • Yes, it's the real data from my MQTT feed.
  • I too a finding the same issue with the 'meterread' and 'current' query strings. Has anyone found a workaround? It would be good if these options could be fixed - or the API documentation updated to remove them.