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  • @johng - I see exactly the same. @clivee suggested the multiplier was either the value from the meter, or 40 as a fallback. For me the cumlative figure is an approximate kWh figure and the cumulativevol the volume on the meter display for m3.
  • @clivee - was that to me? I am seeing the same figures for kWh and M3. The cumulative kWh and cumlativevol are correct, the other vol figures not. Why are the volunits kWh? { "gasmeter": { "timestamp": "2022-08-21T15:43:1…
  • I think the kWh figures are incorrect. The meter can have no way of knowing what the kWh figures are as the calorific value changes over time (look at your bill). I think it can only report volume. @clivee How does the meter get the calorific value?
  • [quoting doesn't work for me] "Timestamp on mine seems to be Zulu time" The point is that timestamp with 'Z' is not correct vis the ISO standard - it is an option that many computer systems do not implement correctly.
  • @glider51 [The interface for this forum is basic so the indent spacing in the following may be mangled] you can use the 3 backticks to insert code. value_template: "{{ value_json.electricitymeter.power.value | round(1) }}" Why do you roun…
  • Just to note the new forum area for specific things relating to Local MQTT (just so it doesn't get too spread about...)
  • @janeatglow - any more updates on this?
  • Emoncms by default looks for a topic emon . The CAD need to be pointing to the same MQTT Broker as emoncms.