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  • Hi Josh, The integration sensor is only required if you want to meter a value that doesn’t have an accumulating value, in my case electricity export until the data steam includes metered export values. It takes a live sensor reading and creates an a…
  • @karmacop81 Hi Josh, To be honest its been a massive leanring curve having never used node red or JS before. I'm glad it is useful to you (or anyone else that wants to use it). I have uploaded a txt file with the entries you need to add to your con…
  • Hi Jane, Thanks for all your help, I now have working meters for export using MQTT, Node Red and Home Assistant which was my main issue.
  • Hi Adam, I'm not sure if its a SMETS1 vs SMETS2 issue but mine just has "01": "000000000000", Jane had warned me that export data wouldn't be available on mine. I have found a workaround for now using Home Assistant's utility met…
  • Hi Sidepipe, Thanks for your reply. I have butchered your code to get the desired result. Sadly there is no available export meter via the Glowmarkt platform (though I have been told it may come in the future dependig on permissions etc from supplie…
  • Thank you for sharing this Sidepipe. Has anybody had success with the MQTT stream with export electricity? For some reason the MQTT JSON shows negative exporting values as a very high numeric value when parsed. During net consumption I get: &quo…