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  • Tariff is set by your supplier on your meter, so will show in In Home Display when they're communicating with it. Contact your supplier if it's not showing correct values.
  • Check this out Welcome to Energy Local | Energy Local Co-op Community Energy | Octopus Energy
  • Both API and MQTT data should be JSON objects, or can be accepted by your processing system as such. If you use MQTT Explorer and subscribe to the MQTT topic, you should be able to view the expanded JSON in the right hand pane, showing the structur…
  • It was a little while ago but I think the issue was that the API wasn't open to me. Once they knew I was wanting to use the API, something changed and it all worked. Whether there's something they do at their end to allow API access, I don't know …
  • @cholek3, I have created a contrib on Github which can be found on the Node red flows by searching for "Hildebrand". You should be able to do everything you need with my codes as a starter for ten to tweak however you wish. Note that I r…
  • Following an email to support, it all worked Ok. Node red development is now going well
  • I did try to embed a link to Glowmarkt API Description Individual User Bright v1.7 but it failed with status code 404. Perhaps some advice to newbies on how to embed URLs?
  • Chris, thanks for the response and the tip. I'm using node-Red rather than cURL but if it works with cURL, then I'm happy to spend time working out how to translate cURL into message parts for a function node in node-Red, which I've now done. I ha…
  • It would be useful if the announcement was either deleted or made "un-sticky" once it was no longer relevant.
  • I would find it useful to have the year displayed with the date for each post and response. It's difficult to know whether the posts are recent or old.
  • Chris, can you provide more detail on how you get this to work? I would also like to renew the token before it expires, rather than generate a new one after the old one expires. I can find hints to this and requests for it, but no documentation. …