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  • @JaneatGlow - thanks for adding the sensor to my Bright account - I have been able to generate an estimated thermal performance value, albeit that I'm a bit shy of 21 days of data yet - it's nice to see that my house is in the 'Good' category at 1.6…
  • @JaneatGlow - I think you may have misread my comment - the Glow T&H sensor agrees very closely with the Sonoff throughout the temperature ranges. It's the temperature sensor in my vSMART thermostat, which controls my central heating system, tha…
  • @JaneatGlow - I find that the Glow T&H sensor compares very closely with the Sonoff SNZB-02 T&H sensor I already have in my living room, and provides its data much more frequently, which is good. Interestingly though, the temperature sensor …
  • This thread on the Forum has some advice on how to add the T&H sensor to the output from an MQTT broker in Home Assistant: It worked for m…
  • If you're a bit finicky about these things and all your other sensors output °C as the temperature units, use: unit_of_measurement: "°C" in the temperature sensor definition
  • This is helpful thanks. I have used my glow DAC unit's unique ref in the yaml bits here 'glow/????????????/SENSOR' for the state_topic. The two new sensors have appeared, but I'm still not seeing any actual readings. I used your unique_id values abo…