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  • Been having the same problem since 19:01 last night. I'm sure that they'll sort it shortly. Edit: They are working on it -
  • Thanks Clivee Looks like my root cert was the problem.... I've not logged directly into the glow MQTT server since before it expired so didn't noticed an issue until now. The last reading I got was at 20:18:22 yesterday, but I didn't check the app.
  • Mine too kicked back in around 01:30. However, maybe related - maybe not, when I try to connect directly to mqtt:// in MQTT Explorer with the "Valid Certificate" option turned on I get "Certificate has ex…
  • Ditto for me too.
  • Thanks to both of you for that. I'll have a nosy and see what's different this end
  • @clivee Have you rate limited or similar the MQTT feeds? I have noticed in the last 48 hours or so that instead of near instant updates but now they are taking on average 30-45 seconds and at worst about 250 seconds. I have just switched to another…
  • I really thought I'd messed up. I was playing with the AUTH section of the API trying to get a process of an automatic token renewal working when around 21:25 I was not getting anything back via MQTT. The app was also really struggling and couldn'…