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  • My MQTT feed into Home Assistant has just started working again. 09:23 BST. I didn't change or do anything, it just came back on its own!
  • Similar here. MQTT calls from Home Assistant return "unknown", seems to have been from approx 7PM on the 10th? Bright app all working OK though.
  • Yep same here with MQTT, lost it yesterday PM. Sod's law at same time as I moved my router and changed my network cabling. Thought it was something I'd messed up! so spent ages chasing that through :/ Got Bright app working OK on phone, but still…
    in Cloud mqtt outage Comment by DaveS May 4
  • Hi @JaneatGlow, sorry about the slow response. No I don't think my loss of MQTT export meter total data coincided with DCC migration. I lost the export total in Apr 22, and pretty sure I was switched sometime later in the year.
  • Hi Janet, Not sure I have exactly the same issue but.... I have a SMETS1 Secure Liberty 100 meter, type code E1S0B1 When I switched to using MQTT access with my Glowstick last year I could succesfully get; Elec import total meter read kWh Elec expor…
  • No, not yet unfortunately! Using MQTT, I can get instantaneous electric import/export (W), live import meter total (kWh), live gas meter total (kWh still even though I'm now billed in m3 but the numbers match my supplier). But ..... Export meter tot…
  • @barneyd Did you resolve this afterwards? I am with Octopus, I do have an export MPAN and have succesfully been reading export meter value via MQTT for 6 months. Until Monday this week when it dropped to zero!! I have an old JSON response from a whi…
  • I should also add, I have had this running in the same configuration for 6 months and it has worked perfectly, up until yesterday!