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  • Ahhhh !!! Didn't realise that you haven't got a Glow CAD....Yep, that will do it :) I strongly recommend getting one from Glow and signing up for MQTT... All the best, Dan.
  • The API's do work, but remember 'current' and 'meterread' are point in time and not historical.. I have just run the following.... For 'current':- curl -X GET "**RESOURCE ID**/current" -H "…
  • Hi Josh, It shouldn't cause any issues and should magically sort itself out, unless they physically change your smart meter, in which case you need to tell the Helpdesk the day before they do the swap. Dan.
  • Same here, I've raised a call with support.
    in mqtt outage Comment by DMoore October 12
  • @TikiGod - How did you get on with your email to support, is MQTT working for you now ?
  • I have had this happen before and hard rebooted the IHD and once it was back up, it started working. Probably a daft questions, but have you checked that you can get data via the API and Bright App ?
  • @mrstreeter I use the API GET/resource/{id}/meterread as I only need this information for usage every five minute (I calculate the difference between the 1st and 2nd reads to get actual import kWh). It's good for Import, but doesn't support Export M…
  • @clivee Thanks for all your efforts on this Clive. I use the API as a backup to MQTT, so was able to get most of the import meter data (just not export meter, like you can with mqtt).
  • Looks good Clive. Also looks like import total is being displayed correctly (i.e. not netted with export) ? Dan.
  • Hi Jane, This is brilliant news ! :) Dan.
  • Hi KS_Eric, I was under the impression you couldn't do both. I recently had a complaint against British Gas over this as I wanted an Export MPAN, but I would have to move over to SEG to get this and loose FIT, certainly worth checking out if you bel…
  • Hi KS_Eric, Would you be able to post the full JSON string from the MQTT (the same format as mine above), make sure you remove your MAC/GID/MPAN information before posting. Also what MQTT client are you using to pull the information and what is the …
  • Hi andrewjb, I have requested the same - I have also asked if this could be historical rather than just instant and this is something they are looking into. If you have subscribed to the MQTT service, you may be able to get access to the Import &…
  • Hi Team, Having the Electricity meterread API call historical rather than instant would be a great help. This would help to reconcile actual power imported (particularly for those who have solar panels) - I know you are looking into the possibility …