IHD Firmware release 1.8.12 with Local MQTT for Display CAD customers



  • Just got my CAD today and local MQTT is working great, amazing job!

  • Just to note the new forum area for specific things relating to Local MQTT (just so it doesn't get too spread about...)

  • Installed my new CAD and set it up with MQTT. All good except that some readings are out by a factor of a thousand. My Bright App shows that I have used 6.7kWh today, which is probably right. The local display and MQTT msg show that I have used 0.006kWh. I wish!

    How do I get these to align?

  • That value is delivered by the meter (ie the 'today consumption') - we have no control over it - only your supplier can fix

    Bright ONLY uses the summation of the 30 minute profile reads (and is thus correct).

  • Is there any chance that day, week and monthly readings could be added to the export information in a similar way to the import?

  • We only currently pick up export cumulative - I will put it on the dev request list but it will not be soon even if it does happen.

  • Clive, did you get a chance to look at my MQTT reporting frequency?

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    Really pleased this has been added.

    I have been without a CAD for ages as it was bricked by a meter engineer.

    The only thing that I am missing from the MQTT data is a flag to show if the grid is live?

    On the cloud MQTT it is:


    Is there any way I can tell if the Grid has failed, or could it be added to the data in the local MQTT feed ?

  • The readings on the CAD from my supplier are correct, So I don’t understand how that can be a meter problem.

  • My mistake. The suppliers IHD is OK on somethings, but on energy today it is out by 10^3. I will contact them.

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    # I agree about the instantaneous gas power - we will remove it in some future release.

    Glad I checked @clivee, I shall remove this for gas from the Hubitat integration I'm writing! :)

  • @clivee - I think I already know the answer to this but will ask anyway ...

    IHD/CAD already displays instantaneous/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly costs for electricity and gas, and assuming this is obtained from the ESME, can some (instantaneous and daily) of this be published in the mqtt feed?

    Obviously, the rates set on the meter would have to be correct ....

  • We could but as things stand too high a proportion of meters have the wrong tariff - it would cause too many support calls.

  • Also that information is available via the bright api.

  • Scrolling idly through my electricity meter's displays, I find all sorts of other goodies in it...

    • Power Factor
    • Reactive Power (Yes, I could calculate that from the PF...)
    • Frequency
    • Voltage

    Is the CAD able to publish this info via MQTT too, please?

  • I finally registered an account to say..


    Thank you so much for enabling local MQTT access.

  • You are welcome.

  • HI @PhilG57 - sorry for the delay as I haven't checked the forums for a while. Is your electricity meter L&G? From speaking to L&G and Igloo (when they were in business) we learnt there is a known bug on this meter which results in extremely low day/week/month consumption values, this is what the customer is seeing. The values are 1000 times lower than they should be which is why they seem to not appear at all.

    L&G have advised that this is fixed in firmware version 38040202. If yours isn't that version (or later) you need to ask your supplier to have your meter firmware updated.

    You can find this information in Bright / Settings / Consent & meter management / Meters - go to the detail on your MPAN.

  • And @StgSlff - you are welcome - thank you for registering an account so you could say so :)

  • Brilliant news, I hope you get a shout out from the Home Assistant devs for making the smart home more smart and more about just the home.

    Definitely makes me much more likely to recommend Glow to others, and I wasn't shy before.

  • @michthom Lovely to make someone happy - and hopefully more than one of you :)

    Environmental sensors coming this autumn (temp, humidity, light) and integration with an algorithm that gives you an accurate EPC for your home in terms of its building fabric efficiency.

  • Having just had smart meters installed, I now have a shiny CAD unit and realtime local data via MQTT into Home Assistant - thank you so much!

  • Hurrah! you are very welcome - and you use our forum so all is right with the world :)

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