IHD Firmware release 1.8.12 with Local MQTT for Display CAD customers

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Today we have started releasing new IHD firmware with the following changes:

  • Due to popular request, a local MQTT client - details here (including how to set it up via the Display):


  • Some performance and memory bug fixes
  • Display of credit (or debit) balance if the meter is in pre-pay mode

I expect most IHD SMETS2 will be done by midnight or so (6 June 2022) - and remaining and all SMEST1 will be tomorrow.



  • Wonderful Clive!

  • Well done @ghayne - always the first to observe and be positive!

    Thanks for your ongoing support, we hope you like the local MQTT.

    Everyone, any suggestions for FAQ etc. please post here - we'll add some FAQ to the web site to support the local MQTT community.

  • Working fine. One question - could the reporting interval be shortened at all?

  • Nope - 10 sec is mandated in the spec as the most frequent we can poll.

  • That’s excellent news. Clearly the tech team have been very busy on this most welcome development. Many thanks to everyone involved.

    I would welcome help from the Home Assistant software gurus in producing a generic template filter for the MQTT data.

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    I'm getting 15 locally quite often, sometimes 10.

    [EDIT] Sequence is actually 10 10 10 15. Sorry for the confusion.

  • I will get someone to have a look - the IHD may just be busy once a minute.

  • This is excellent news. Thanks so much for making it happen. Will this update eventually be available for the GlowStick too?

  • Sadly the GlowStick does not have the processing pwoer for this to be added.

  • Thank you very much Robert - I shall be sending that link to a new customer right now.

    As a non-techie - but the person who gets the support questions - will all the existing HA code repositories I've got not work with local mqtt and I need to build a separate list? Thanks for your help.

  • Pity this won't be available via the GlowStick. Is there an upgrade path to the CAD please?

  • MQTT was a 'glint in the eye' when the GlowStick was designed and developed - I think our first requests for MQTT only came in two years ago.

    Please drop us an email to support@ - we don't have an upgrade path but can have a look depending on circumstances.

    You can still continue to use MQTT over the internet with the GlowStick - it is just the local variant that we can't support due to lack of processing power.

  • Hey folks,

    I think the new firmware may have broken the link between my IHD and my smart meter.

    The IHD itself is showing `Connecting to smart meter`, and the MQTT is responding with "rejoin_failed".

    {"elecMtr":{"0702":{"00":{}}},"gasMtr":{"0702":{"00":{}}},"ts":"2022-06-08 09:24:30","hversion":"GLOW-IHD-01-1v4-SMETS2","time":"62A06ACE","zbSoftVer":"1.2.5","gmtime":1654680270,"pan":{"rssi":"A8","status":"rejoin_failed","nPAN":"00","join":"0","lqi":"30"},"smetsVer":"SMETS2","gid":"XXX"}

    I will send you an email to support@; will also try a factory reset!

  • Hi Aaron - thanks for the point - I think it would be unusual for that to have happened as it has been tested. The rejoin process is not unusual for all sorts of local reasons - if a power cycle does not do the trick (and not the button on the front is not a power button but screen on/off) please let us know @ support (as you said). Thank you for the update.

  • Seems like it may be my smart meter that's dropped off the face of the earth... the IHD from my energy provider is also failing to rejoin.

    I imagine the firmware update causing it to restart may be what's caused the symptoms to show up. Sorry for the hassle! Will be patient and hope the thing wakes up 😄

  • Looks like your comms hub can see nothing - check with your supplier I suspect they are not getting any readings.

  • This is a great new update, however the cumulative gas reading is in kWh and not m3, therefore it does not match the actual total usage of the gas meter. It could be converted but would never exactly match the live meter reading. 

    Any chance that this could be added to the local MQTT gas cumulative reading ?

  • Anyone else getting an issue with the Glow CAD keep rebooting intermittently after local mqtt is enabled?

  • To clarify in case of confusion - the GlowStick that was asked about by @meroberts above is NOT the new unit which we will launch next month. That new unit (which we call our CAD without Display) is not the GlowStick form factor, will support local MQTT and have optional Wifi or wired internet connectivity.

    BUT we won't have many units of the new CAD without Display for sale (component availability meant that we bought what we could get hold of and built them in-house) - and our waiting list for the device is three times the number of units we'll have in the first instance.

  • Hi @JaneatGlow - what is the expected cost of the new CAD without Display please?

  • Good morning @sOckhamSter - the price is probably going to be the same. We've had to do a short manufacturing run (meaning component costs were much higher and we built them internally so expensive labour) and the CAD Display was built before all the price and shipping cost increases.

  • @JaneatGlow will there be any difference in local MQTT performance between the new CAD and the IHD?

    Also will they both publish the same information over MQTT?


  • @clivee Any luck analysing my MQTT interval?

  • Good morning all, happy Friday! 

    @Steven15 - no, there won't be any difference in local MQTT performance between the devices and they will publish the same information.

    @bertrumuk - we are looking at adding the gas cumulative reading, another piece of work has to be completed first

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    Another thought on the gas MQTT Jane - the updates on the HAN are only every 30 mins from the GSME. So there is no need to publish an MQTT message every 10 secs for gas as there is no 'live' data. The instantaneous gas power field is not required either.

    How about 1 MQTT message for gas every 30 minutes with the retain flag set? Or only publish if the value has changed?

  • It just add complexity - also some meters (secure) publish when there is a significant flow change.

    I agree about the instantaneous gas power - we will remove it in some future release.

  • Thanks Clive - was just a thought :)

  • Just wanted to add my thanks to the team for listening to the community and providing local MQTT access, and for putting in the extra work to enable it on the existing CAD with display. It will surely benefit a lot of smart home tinkerers like myself.

  • Thank you @sbb - we are sharing the positive feedback who did the actual dev work (unlike me !). If anyone writes any code they'd like to share, please let us know. We hope you all use this to consume energy as efficiently at possible - it is why we do what we do.

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