Update on CAD for SMETS2

Is there any updates on stock of the CAD for SMETS2? When I originally enquired last year, it was meant to be march 2022. I don't need the screen and local mqtt is essential.


  • You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting local MQTT with the CAD as it currently only works with the Glowmarkt MQTT server in the cloud.

  • No he won’t, local MQTT is coming to the CAD when it’s released but not the display cad.

  • Well that's the most disheartening comment I've seen about this topic in ages! Pay more - get less!

  • It sounds like it is a physical limitation of the device, i.e. it cannot be added with a firmware update. I found out on the Octopus Energy forum plus an email I received as I had originally added my name to the waiting list for the Display and they are now in stock. I've copied the email below for info.

    You can place your order

    Thank you for your patience, the Glow Display/CAD you were interested in has arrived, at last!

    Here is the link to the shop: https://shop.glowmarkt.com/products/display-and-cad-combined-for-smart-meter-customers

    Please make sure you are registered with our Bright App - and ideally order from the same email address so that we can tie your Bright Account to your new Display / CAD, thank you. 

    If you would like MQTT access, please add a Note to your order on the first page of the order process so that we can set that up as part of the fulfilment. Important: the Glow Display/CAD cannot support local MQTT access; if local MQTT is your preference, wait for our CAD without display due in 2-3 weeks.

    You are obviously under no obligation to purchase - we appreciate that circumstances change. We aren't a big team and do fulfilment ourselves and will do batches every day - please be patient if your order takes a few days to ship.

    As always, any questions, please ask.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks for that - bit disappointing that it hasn't been pointed out in the various threads that have been asking for local access (and by that I could mean both that there's a device that can do it, and an existing device that can't!)

  • Also a shame that those already with CADs (like myself) can’t get local MQTT! Can this not be done with a firmware update to existing owners of CADs?

  • I can't say why but it's not unreasonable for a piece of hardware to have limitations, which can't be overcome by firmware changes, happens all the time otherwise no one would ever buy anything new. The original CAD with display still does what it was sold for and will continue to do so. If local MQTT is important then buying a new device doesn't seem that bad, especially if it's priced lower than the display version.

  • Maybe Hildebrand will consider a discount for those who already own the display? Or a tradein programme.

  • Would love to have an update as well. I know there's still knock on effects on global logistics and chip availability.

    Is there a new estimated date for the new SMETS2 CAD?

  • I recently received a Zigbee CAD (non-display) and I have the Bright app as well as the remote MQTT working, but I can't find the local MQTT. Is there a magic incantation I have to perform to enable it, or is this just not in the current firmware yet?

  • You must have the SMETS1 CAD, the discussions here are for the as yet unreleased SMETS2 CAD. I haven't seen any info on whether the SMETS1 version will ever be upgraded .

  • Yes, that's an SMETS1 CAD. From the information on the product page and in the forums, I assumed both versions will offer the same features? Did anybody ever get any form of local MQTT working?

  • Any news on the new SMETS2 CAD? It was mentioned as being due in April. Is there a new timeline?

  • Similarly looking for update on SMETS2 CAD device - would be helpful to have a revised eta

  • Local MQTT is now supported on the Display CAD.


    There is also a comment on that thread saying that local mqtt will not come to the glowstick as there is not enough processing power on the device.

  • Is there any news on the SMETS2 CAD without display?

  • Is there any news on the SMETS2 CAD without display?

  • Is the SMETS2 version of the Glowstick ever going to be released?

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