MQTT seems to not be connecting

I have MQTT enabled on my account and my IHD set up at home. When I run this command there is not data coming through. Am I missing something?

mosquitto_sub -h -u <username> -P <password> -t SMART/HILD/<mac> -p 1883 -d -v -V mqttv31

Client mosq-bXW32pHKNk5tfis0pE sending CONNEC

Client mosq-bXW32pHKNk5tfis0pE received CONNACK (0)

Client mosq-bXW32pHKNk5tfis0pE sending SUBSCRIBE (Mid: 1, Topic: SMART/HILD/A8032AD6241C, QoS: 0, Options: 0x00)

Client mosq-bXW32pHKNk5tfis0pE received SUBACK

Subscribed (mid: 1): 0


  • You're missing the TLS support and the port number is wrong.

     --capath /etc/ssl/certs -p 8883

  • Hi Dougie, tried that but it still is not working:

    mosquitto_sub -h -u <USERNAME> -P <PW> -t "SMART/HILD/<mac>" --capath /etc/ssl/certs -p 8883 -d -v -V mqttv31

    Client mosq-0ngzEGHcz3yfttIMMC sending CONNECT

    Client mosq-0ngzEGHcz3yfttIMMC received CONNACK (0)

    Client mosq-0ngzEGHcz3yfttIMMC sending SUBSCRIBE (Mid: 1, Topic: SMART/HILD/A8032AD6241C, QoS: 0, Options: 0x00)

    Client mosq-0ngzEGHcz3yfttIMMC received SUBACK

    Subscribed (mid: 1): 0

    Client mosq-0ngzEGHcz3yfttIMMC sending PINGREQ

    Client mosq-0ngzEGHcz3yfttIMMC received PINGRESP

  • Are you using the latest versions of the Mosquitto client programs?

    ii libmosquitto-dev:armhf        2.0.12-0mosquitto1~buster1    armhf    MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1/5.0 client library, development files

    ii libmosquitto1:armhf          2.0.12-0mosquitto1~buster1    armhf    MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1/5.0 client library

    ii libmosquittopp-dev:armhf       2.0.12-0mosquitto1~buster1    armhf    MQTT version 3.1 client C++ library, development files

    ii libmosquittopp1:armhf         2.0.12-0mosquitto1~buster1    armhf    MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1 client C++ library

    ii mosquitto-clients           2.0.12-0mosquitto1~buster1    armhf    Mosquitto command line MQTT clients

    The stuff in plain old Raspbian/RaspiOS is ancient crap.

  • Hi, I definitely have v2.0.12 installed and I'm hitting https:// but I'm getting a new lookup error:

    pop-os:~$ sudo snap install mosquitto

    mosquitto 2.0.12 from Mosquitto Team (mosquitto✓) installed

    pop-os:~$ mosquitto_sub -h -u <UN> -P <PW> -t "SMART/HILD/<MAC>" --capath /etc/ssl/certs -p 8883 -d -v -V mqttv31

    Unable to connect (Lookup error.).

    The error would seem to indicate a DNS issue but I can nslookup with no problem:

    pop-os:~$ nslookup



    Non-authoritative answer:



    Am I missing something?

  • Try this

     mosquitto_sub -p 8883 --capath /etc/ssl/certs -h -u "" -P somethingsecret -t "SMART/HILD/CAFEDEADBEEF" 

    No protocol needed on the host name.

  • Hi Dougie,

    That seems to be the same as the command I tried on October 17 above and it didn't work. I've tried it again with no dice, the result is the same as on October 17.

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