Any chance of a PDF user manual for IHD/CAD ? For us


  • It’s just an idea…in case a PDF exists.Thanks

  • I’ve asked and there is isn’t a manual, it’s supposed to be plug and play. I’m trying to work out what the currently green LED on the front means, it does seem to change colour and I’ve no idea why.

  • The green LED shows your current household load. Try turning on some things like the kettle, the EV charger, the oven (if it's electric), the microwave.

    The IHD also has a "demo" mode where it demonstrates some of the things it can do.

  • Thanks about the demo mode Dougie…I was always aware of it…just thought that because the IHD/CAD is so intuitive and shows a lot of detail if you don’t realise how to see it all by drilling down the menu structure by touching the screen in places…. then you might not be aware that all this data is available. But thanks I was just wondering if an initial user guide was available to set you on the way !

  • I didn't need any docs, because the only hard part of getting started with my IHD was filling in my email address and password after getting it connected to my secure WiFi.

    Demo mode is all that's needed.

  • Hmm. I wish I found it so easy!!. I think whats confusing me is the Agile screen/information. I'm on Bulb's Smart Tariff so that part of it is irrelevant.

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