Dual / Multi Tariff Reporting

Are there any plans to support reporting for Multiple Tariffs?

I currently am on a Economy 7 tariff but am considering changing to a supplier that has 3 rates over the day to support heat pumps.

At the moment the data has cumulative import values (IE Rate 1 + Rate 2 + Rate n), for the Meter, Day, Week, and Month and also shows the unit cost and the standing charge, The unit cost value changes at night time.

My problem is I cannot multiply the unit price by the Day Reading as some of the units are at the night rate and the rest at the day rate.

Can the MQTT Data please be extended to ADD

1) an array of Current, Day, Week, Month, and Rate values for each of the import charging rate is enabled on the meter? IE for my meter I would have 2 values in the array

2) an Index to indicate which rate is import charging rate is currently active (IE for my case Overnight rate index 0 and for day time 1.

The above would make a massive difference to the functionality.


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