Peer To Peer Solar Trading

Curious if any likeminded solar producers have explored ways to sell your excess solar energy to others directly?

To explain the rationale - I am on Bulb at the moment and pay ~ 19p down and get 5p for what I sell back to the grid via Bulb.

I want to earn more than 5p - so I started to explore how I could say sell to by neighbours for example for a mid price of 12p where both of us benefit equally.

In other parts of the world, such as Australia, such schemes exists through intermediary companies that setup Virtual Power Plans (VPPs) - have a look at this Power Ledger and this video gives a good explainer (2) BCPG & Power Ledger's T77 Project in Bangkok, Thailand - YouTube)

Bulb don't seem that interested in this so curious if there was another way to setup a VPP?

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