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Hi all,

Some time ago I built a Python library to interface with the official HTTP offering, it also deals with some of the quirks in data retrieval. I have been using this API for about seven or eight months and it has been working well.

I use it to return data to a custom smart hub that displays usage and cost alongside temperature and other smart device status, it runs on a raspberry Pi 3 with a 7 inch touch screen.

I would love some feedback / improvements or other people using the library. It requires Python 3 and is available here:



  • I was aspiring towards that kind of functionality but I went down the Netatmo thermostat route so temperature collection at least via the thermostat is easier.

    I do look forward to a time when temperature(s) data, fuel consumption, boiler off or on (yes I do use some gas) can all be on the same platform.

    Biggest step was upgrading super old mechanical thermostat to Smart device which has some logging and graphing capability.

    Combined with the Hildebrand Glow stick it is quite a good start.

  • Fantastic work Blake, I was actually starting out writing a python program for my smart house system.

    your API Python library just saved me probably a months work, trial and error.

    much appreciated!



  • Thanks Gareth, I hope you find it useful, any issues or changes or questions let me know and I will do my best to help / fix things!

  • awesome. I also started one back in Jan, and was working on it over the day today when i found this post!

    A couple of differences:

    • i automatically page the query if the requested duration is too large for the given period (although i dont stop people trying to query for 1 min intervals on gas)
    • i try to be consistent about datetime units and hide the quirks of the API from the user. Given that the resultset is in unix time, i do all date/time work in that unit and convert it as needed
    • i hadnt come across the problems with cost. i'll look in to it.
    • i will look at returning just the data of the resultsets, instead of a list of dicts.
    • i'm lazy and didnt write tests
  • That is brilliant mnbf9rca,

    I think the more people writing code to inteface with the API the better 😀

    I am sure my phython interface is not perfect but hopefully it is functional for some people, The cost problem was an odd one, but it was reasonably simple to work around.

    Don't worry about not writing tests, I am normally the same and just make it work for me with on the fly testing!

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