Export Usage Data Not Showing over MQTT After Change in Export Tarrif

Hi all - has anyone come across a problem where export data was being shown in the MQTT JSON data and then after change the Export Tariff it is just 0? I have been getting updates of export data over MQTT from the start of April but and then at midnight on the day my tariff changed (22nd June) there has been nothing with the MQQT value being 0.

"00": {

"14": "02",

"07": "28665C85",

"01": "000000000000",

"00": "000000C316C6",

"02": "000000000186"

If its relevant I have a Secure SMETS1 meter with Glow Stick CAD and I am with Octopus. The move was from Octopus SEG Export (Go) to Agile.

Thanks in advanced - Brodie


  • Secure S1 meters have to be explicitly told to record export.

    It looks like when the tariff was updated, that flag was removed.

    Are your export readings showing in the Octopus portal?

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    Hi Clive,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Yes, Octopus is showing export readings on their web dashboard so they are getting the data they need.

    I store the data from MQTT in a database and can see that the last reported value was at 17.22 on the 21st June where the total export was 862.5. 27 minutes later at 17.49 the value dropped to 0 where it has stayed since. So it looks like something changed around that time, presumably when Octopus pushed an update to the meter?

    Also, I have checked the meter its-self and it is recording the Exp Value whcih is current set at 885.6.



  • Well we have no control over what readings are available from the meter.

    Something clearly changed during the update - finding anyone at Octopus who would both know what and how to fix it

    may be a challenge.

    In other news E&A into the DCC is not far away and that mandates export being recorded to one would hope that would fix your issue.

    I cannot be sure of course as none of this is under our control.

  • Thanks Clive. I have emailed Octopus and will hope for a response. Cheers, Brodie

  • Hi Clive,

    Just a quick update. I contacted Octopus (smart@octopus.energy) and they got back to me within a day. Apparently they too stopped receiving data on the evening of the 21st and this was down to a incorrect tariff being applied (apparently just an import one which makes sense with the export data suddenly not being sent). Anyway, they applied the update yesterday PM and I saw the export data appearing in your MQTT stream soon after.

    Thought I would update you in case anyone else has a similar issue in the future and they try what I did to get it resolved.



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