Possible to record electricity usage every 30mins?

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Hi all,

I’m currently on Octopus Go Faster and, brilliant as it is, Octopus don’t send the correct pricing data to my smart meter, so so my CAD doesn’t display the correct costs (everything is calculated at the cheaper overnight rate).

I hwve everything working with MQTT (thanks Jane!) and home assistant, and various sensors are displaying current, daily, weekly, monthly and total electricity usage perfectly.

I am wondering if it is possible to capture half-hourly energy use, so I can then apply some maths in Home Assistant and work out the cost of each 30mins (similar to how the Glow app does)?



  • What programming language do you want to use?

    I've got some code written in C/C++ that pulls the Glowmarkt data (some of it goes into a MySQL database) that runs on a Raspberry. It'd need a bit of a tidy-up before I could publish it on Github.

  • I run Python on an old mobile phone using a script that calls MQTT every half hour and stores results in a MySQL database. I get the occasional glitch whereby full datafile isn't downloaded a couple of times a week but otherwise, system has run well for over a year.

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