[BUG] Plus characters accepted but not handled in email addresses (reported)

When registering for a Bright account, the input view accepts plus (... and other?) characters in email addresses, and correctly sends account confirmation emails to these addresses.

However, these characters are replaced with spaces when returned to the Login view, and both attempting to login directly and correcting them to the entered character fails to allow the login to proceed.

Using an email address containing only alpha-numeric characters works as expected - so a potential fix could either be additional email address encoding to allow the use of a wider range of (RFC-compliant) characters, or increasing validation within the app to disallow addresses with unhandled characters from being used.

(Note that using a plus character in an email address is, per RFC 5322, entirely valid)


  • Welcome to the forum! I am excited someone has started to use the functionality - fantastic.

    Looks like our login supports some "hidden" functions for being able to log in to different environments. So hopefully all of the other RFC5322 characters are working properly in the login.

    Should be in the next release in a few days.

    Thanks for the feedback ;)

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