Getting logged out of API

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Hi there

I'm using a script to pull my energy usage from my Glowmarkt and graph it for me. Since I don't like storing my credentials unencrypted, I generate an initial token interactively with

and then have my script generate a new token from the old every hour with

That works fine mostly, but quite regularly I get the response:

{"valid":false,"error":"User is not logged in"}

and I have to interactively log in again. This always corresponds with getting logged out of the app on my iPhone as well, most recently at 9:15am today. Is this when the servers get rebooted or similar? Is there any way tokens could be preserved across this event? It means I end up with gaps in my data which have to be manually repopulated

EDIT: Just realised there's an API forum. I've reposted this message there. Oops


  • a change of password will log everything out - but otherwise this should not happen.

    Please raise a ticket as soon as it happens again with - if you give enough details we should be able to find it in the logs (which are kept for a few days)

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