Double kWh reading from DCC?

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Hi all,

Im not sure what’s going on here but I wonder if I’ve a problem.

I successfully setup the Bright app and the api to get my daily usage from my three smart meters (long story but my home has three meters, one per floor).

All seemed ok, I didn’t read into the figures much. My usage is high. I’ve just today switched energy supplier to OctopusEnergy and noticed my old smets1 SSE IHD now works again with pricing info and usage info. Previously I could see meter readings on the IHD’s when I was with Bulb but that was about it.

Anyway, my kWh used today on my IHD is exactly half that of what the Bright app and API is reporting from the DCC.

it’s the same for each meter.

it’s got me worried thinking that somehow, the DCC thinks I use twice as much electric as I am.

Now I have my IHD’s working, I can see that the usage seems correct on them as I’m able to test with what I’ve switched on.

Has anyone else noticed this? Who do I need to speak to to get this checked?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




  • Hi Jon

    Sorry I didn't see this post earlier.

    First of all - don't worry - this is now a known issue that just relates to the first cohort of S1 meters enrolled into the DCC.

    Secondly it ONLY affects the half hour reading got via the DCC - there is a difference in the spec between S1 and S2 in that in S1 the half hour readings are the number of watts consumed in the half hour (call them Whh) whereas in S2 it is in Wh (exactly half). This difference was cough missed somehow during all the testing that was supposedly done.

    It is being rectified on a software load on the night of May 18th by the company that provides the glue between the DCC and the S1 SMSO (Instant Energy).

    After that I will re-pull the HH reads via the DCC and thus correct them in Bright.

  • Just to say this seems to have been completed successfully.

    I have set our system to re-pull all the data from the affected S1 meters - it will take a few hours to complete.

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