[BUG] Selecting 'Home' from menu doesn't return to home tab (reported) - Fixed 3/4/2020

edited April 2020 in Bright App

If you're viewing the Electricity or Gas  tabs of the main view, choosing Home from the menu doesn't do anything, whereas the expectation might be that it should return the user to the Home tab.


  • Good pick up - being released in the next release in a few days. Thanks for the eagle eyes!

  • Hi Stuart - this is fixed and pushed to live, thanks for flagging it.

  • Can I add to this - the back 'button' also doesn't work to exit the app some of the time. A lot of the apps I use have an orderly shutdown if you exit them with 'back' rather than just press the home screen button, so that's what I tend to use for everything and it's annoying when 'back' does nothing!

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