Problem securing back cover to CAD

Hi All

Received my CAD on Saturday and it looks and works beautifully. I'm excited about integrating the data with my home automation / telemetry stuff.

My only problem is (and it may well be my own ineptitude) that I can't get the back cover/stand to fit onto the unit. I've tried every which way I can think of to get the little plastic tabs on the back cover to slide under the corresponding tabs on the unit but they just won't secure. The cover flaps around and means that the USB plug won't sit in the charging slot. I'm currently having to run it with the back off.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or do I just have a faulty back cover (or possibly display)?


  • Mine arrived yesterday and I have a very similar problem. The back stays on but it looks like it isn’t fitting properly towards the bottom of the unit. The result is the power plug doesn’t connect. I only realised because after less than 12 hours the display was starting to flicker, I’m guessing because the batteries are going flat.

    I too have it running with the back off.

  • Hi all - sorry for the problems a few of you have had with fitting the back plate - here is what we wrote up recently that might help:

    - put the unit face down on a flat surface

    - lay the back plate on the back such that it almost hits the top - with around 4mm gap between the top of the plate and the body of the display

    - using both hands, put your index fingers on each outer top corner and press down while at the same time use both thumbs on the base of the stand to evenly slide the back into place

    What can happen is that by trying to force the back plate on from a higher position (as in not 'slide' into place but click) is that one or more of the four 'clips' on the inside of the backplate gets damaged and then the fit just won't work. Which is the case for @SimonAldrich. Let us know by emailing if that has happened - as it is a lot more energy efficient to send out a new back (if we can find one!) than replace what is a perfectly functional unit.

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