Programming the IHD

I like my IHD - but not very much. The data shown on its main screen is ok but not what I want, and other screens are neither useful nor intuitive. I would love the ability to rewrite the display layout so it better matched my needs. For example:

  • Matching the "usage" bars to my level of usage. I'm a heavy user (pool heater, BEV), they're always red
  • Showing both cost and kwh on the main display
  • Replacing those horribly patronising "you're doing ok" bubbles with some thing useful
  • Tapping on the "today" figure shows usage for today by hour not for the last days. Similarly the other two entries (week/month) move "backwards" by one.
  • Front screen to show both £££ and kwh

... and heaps more.

Is there any chance of being able to do this?


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