Programming the IHD

I like my IHD - but not very much. The data shown on its main screen is ok but not what I want, and other screens are neither useful nor intuitive. I would love the ability to rewrite the display layout so it better matched my needs. For example:

  • Matching the "usage" bars to my level of usage. I'm a heavy user (pool heater, BEV), they're always red
  • Showing both cost and kwh on the main display
  • Replacing those horribly patronising "you're doing ok" bubbles with some thing useful
  • Tapping on the "today" figure shows usage for today by hour not for the last days. Similarly the other two entries (week/month) move "backwards" by one.
  • Front screen to show both £££ and kwh

... and heaps more.

Is there any chance of being able to do this?


  • Hi Chris - we do have a the ability to support this. And we do it for Agile tariff. There is a tool being put together to help author the screens as it is slightly hard to do by hand and get it right. Then also we will have to do this securely as not to have screens be randomly updated. Probably about 6 weeks and we should have this ready to release.

  • Hey @jcooper -- this sounds pretty awesome! I wondered if this was ever released? 😊

  • edited March 2022

    Hi @jcooper. I'd also be interested in the ability to author custom screens. Is this something customers are able to do yet? Did that design tool you mentioned get released as planned? Thanks. Martin

  • Still working on it ... MQTT took first priority.

  • Wowsers, this would be pretty snazzy.

  • +1 on this. Even better if I can get the solar export displayed as well as import from grid.

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