'Glowmarkt' menu entry

For anyone wondering, Jane confirmed to me earlier that the Glowmarkt menu entry is for future usage, and doesn't add or activate anything at this point in time if authenticated.


  • We were talking about it in the team meeting this morning - looks like we are going to have a nice surprise in store there!

    You'll need to be connected to the Internet to have the log in doing anything, but should be a cool feature in the coming days. I'll pick back up on this thread when we release.

  • That sounds interesting.

  • Proof of concept went pretty well with the team. There are some performance issues to solve but looks like the memory concerns we had can be managed.

    I'm hoping more POC next week and then release to some beta folks.

    I know you guys on the forum might be interested, so will try and get a beta group together where you can enrol as a beta tester for all of the new stuff.

  • Count me in for the beta please!

  • putting complex usernames and passwords in to a little GUI is tedious - it’d be great if there was some sort of “associate” feature where it generates a code which you enter in to your app to “claim” the device (the same way that iPlayer on a tv does it).

  • Or even better, scanning QR code with your mobile app ..

    Count me in as well, please, I've got a glow stick, but I have inherited a horrible old IHD that I am keen to replace :P

  • Will see what we can do on the typing thing -- ;) One thing for sure, we have to be clear on what that log in is actually going to do!

    BTW the IHD, to be clear, is also a CAD. It is the same as the Glow Stick but has a display as well.

  • Just got my IHD and was wondering this.

    This is an old thread so wondering did something happen here, does it do anything if I authenticate myself for Glowmarket or still in works? Txs

  • Hi there - no, at the moment the logging in to glowmarkt is not required. When we do get something interesting in - we'll announce it here! Happy Tuesday.

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