Smart Tariff, Smart Comparison library

Some of you may have gotten an invitation to try out the first public facing proof of concept of our Smart Tariff, Smart Comparison tool.

The tool has been developed for BEIS to understand how smart meter data can power smart tariffs. As we have found out this means many different things to people depending on when, who and how you ask.

To serve a wide number of use cases we have published open source code of the Javascript that does data retrieval, cost calculations and basic time series analysis. Code is intended to be used in a browser or server with node.js.

The best documentation with examples starts here:

You need to put https on the front, I think the forum software doesn't like the link for some reason.

There will be more coming out as we have already had a lot of comments back.

Towards the end of the project next month, we will be managing the project with community members able to contribute code.

Let us know what you think.


  • This is something I've noticed with the Glowmarkt API as well, but if you have a null meter reading for a day (could be due to pre smart meter install or no data available) you still have a daily cost at the standing rate for the day.

    It would be good if either the API or the comparison tool checks the first available reading date and doesn't calculate a monthly cost for before then to avoid skewing results for anyone that doesn't yet have a full year/month of data available.

    Other then that, showing the customers current tariff (Unit Rate and Standing Rate) from the API to compare against the new tariffs would be useful.

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