App vs API data not in sync


I was wondering why my Day/Week/Month data in the App is always less than whats shown via the API.

E.g. App s/s here Imgur: The magic of the Internet

And on API Home Daily Electricity is showing 10.5 kWh

Timezone issue? Something else?



  • Can you show us the api call you are making that yields the 10.5 kWh

  • Hi Clivee

    I am using data from MQTT directly.

    So at this time (15:22 - 14/3) the app is showing

    Current Day - 4.96 kWh

    From home assistant which is reading from MQTT its showing - 7.43 kWh

    The MQTT trace right now is this:

    {"elecMtr":{"0702":{"03":{"01":"00000001","04":"00","02":"000003E8","07":"1013008838187","03":"FB","08":"","00":"00","06":"00"},"00":{"07":"00000000","01":"0000000064FD","00":"00000036499C","14":"02","02":"000000000000"},"04":{"01":"001CE8","40":"04896D","30":"01F953","00":"00000159"},"02":{"00":"10"}},"0705":{"00":{"01":"FFA78665","00":"0084"}},"0708":{"01":{"01":"Bulb"}}},"gasMtr":{"0702":{"00":{}}},"ts":"2021-03-14 15:24:52","hversion":"GLOW-IHD-01-1v4-SMETS2","time":"604E2AC4","zbSoftVer":"1.2.5","gmtime":1615735492,"pan":{"rssi":"C9","status":"joined","nPAN":"00","join":"0","lqi":"B4"},"smetsVer":"SMETS2","ets":"2000-01-01 00:00:00","gid":"70B3D521E000CAD1"}

    I am using the template here - · GitHub for parsing the MQTT package.

    Any ideas?


  • So at 15:24 in the afternoon of the 14th you've got

    Reading [0702.00.01]= 0x0000000064FD= 25853

    Multiplier[0702.03.01]= 0x00000001 = 1

    Divisor [0702.03.02]= 0x000003E8 = 1000

    Monthly Consumption [0702.04.40] = 0x04896D = 297325

    Daily [0702.04.01] = 0x1CE8 = 7400

    So your reading is (25853 * 1/1000) = 25.83

    Monthly consumption is (297325* 1/1000) = 297.325 kWh (roughly 21kWh/day)

    Daily consumption is 7400 = 7.4 kWh

  • Thanks for explaining Dougie.

    So Glow IHD = Bulb IHD = MQTT but != Glow App

    So wondering why the Glow App is wrong or rather 'Current Day' in Glow App doesn't mean Daily Consumption via MQTT as its taking different start/end times?

  • Please raise a ticket at

  • edited March 2021

    Just checked my IHD and app - close enough 9.780 <=> 9.76

  • ticket raised. txs

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