MQTT - Getting Started Issues

Got setup for MQTT (Jane confirmed)

Trying this as a 'hello world' for the connection:

mosquitto_sub -h -u <myusername> -P <mypassword> -t SMART/HILD/<macaddress> -p 1883 --debug


Client mosq-BOI23UFjsPdiGClplX sending CONNECT

Client mosq-BOI23UFjsPdiGClplX received CONNACK (0)

Client mosq-BOI23UFjsPdiGClplX sending SUBSCRIBE (Mid: 1, Topic: SMART/HILD/FO08D1ED18D4, QoS: 0, Options: 0x00)

Client mosq-BOI23UFjsPdiGClplX received SUBACK

Subscribed (mid: 1): 128


It seems to establish a connection but I never get any data back.

What am I doing wrong?


  • I just subscribed to your topic SMART/HILD/F008D1ED18D4 and got a reply

    SMART/HILD/F008D1ED18D4 {"elecMtr":{"0702":{"03":{"01":"00000001","04":"00","02":"000003E8","07":"101** *******187","03":"FB","08":"","00":"00","06":"00"},"00":{"07":"00000000","01":"00000000488F","00":"00000034EE04","14":"02","02":"000000000000"},"04":{"01":"0047B3","40":"032DD5","30":"009DBB","00":"000003D6"},"02":{"00":"10"}},"0705":{"00":{"01":"FFBCD1DB","00":"0084"}},"0708":{"01":{"01":"Bulb"}}},"gasMtr":{"0702":{"00":{}}},"ts":"2021-03-09 21:31:02","hversion":"GLOW-IHD-01-1v4-SMETS2","time":"6047E916","zbSoftVer":"1.2.5","gmtime":1615325462,"pan":{"rssi":"C6","status":"joined","nPAN":"00","join":"0","lqi":"A8"},"smetsVer":"SMETS2","ets":"2000-01-01 00:00:00","gid":"70B3D521E000CAD1"}

    Are you using your bright user/pass - please double check

    Also it looks like your router is blocking ntp outbound

  • Ok thanks Clivee was issue with my MAC address! How do you see that my router is blocking NTP outbound? How does it cause issues for using the feed?

    Txs again.

  • Hi

    "ets":"2000-01-01 00:00:00"

    It is not a huge issue unless you lose connectivity as the backlog when sent will not have the correct time

  • @clivee I get that same "ets" value in my JSON.

  • I will check in a bit - thanks

  • I am also getting "ets":"2000-01-01 00:00:00" but I am getting "ts": "2021-03-23 20:56:09". Does the "ts" come from the meter/comms hub and the ets from the IHD/CAD?

    I have opened UDP port 123 on my router so maybe if I give it sufficient time, it will synchronise.

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