Inside a smart meter

One of the meter installers that we are working with sent me this link to a SMETS1 Secure Meter teardown. It is great to see someone go through the parts and features physically. Not sure they have all of the facts exactly correct, but pretty close and a really great production of video. Nice work! And thanks Mick for the link.


  • I watched that a while ago and might have done a "talk along" forgetting that Big Clive couldn't hear me speak 😂

    Still very interesting!

  • Big Clive does a whole range of excellent electrical / electronic videos, highly recommend also a good laugh and not dry content :)

  • I know the Secure Liberty 100 is not the trendiest or latest meter but I am happy with mine.

    I noticed a quirk of the native Pipit IHD

    And that is selecting any option or screen to the right is very very odd.

    So only by pressing on the edge of the screen will the required content display. There is the picture (on screen) but only by firmly pressing 5 or 10 mm to the right does it work!

    Returning left is fine. It's as if the microswitch is in the wrong place. Only on right side left is fine. Is it just mine!

    The good part is the standing order part of the tariff data is in the hitherto hidden screen.

    I think I might need to create a new post to add an image.

  • I've taken a Pipit to pieces - wonder if I can figure out what it might be. I know they use a resistive touch element - so could be a calibration thing.

    I really like the Liberty 100, I think it is packed with features and is easy to operate. All kind of other opinions I'm sure once you talk about interoperability etc. but it is a neat solution.

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