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Good day, I only joined yesterday and love the app, which can read my smart meters even though the Geohome Trio 3 IHD and app provided by my energy supplier (Green Network Energy - now ceased trading) stopped reading them last Friday. I am told that is as the comms unit needs resetting by my supplier, but your app can read it, how is that?

Is there a reason why the live and total usage/cost to date i.e. meter readings, cannot be shown?

I will have a look at the API, but think it may be beyond me; is there a likelihood the mentioned CSV export will be provided at some stage? Even if only exported at the most accurate level (every 30 mins?) the rest could easily be aggregated/analysed in Excel, or other program, so no interface would be required for the export?

Many thanks in advance


  • Welcome Dave.

    I think this is something quite a few people would like these days with the advent of smart homes, triggers and actions and the likes. Myself included (I'm researching smart homes and consumption in my own home this year).

    So +1 for this request!

  • We keep hoping one of the developers on this forum will develop a csv export tool for the community :)

    As you can appreciate - it wouldn't be a lot of work for us but we've a long list of things that we would like to do and they have to be prioritised and we've lots of people asking for support of Export and the ability to set their own tariff. More to come over time, promise.

    I don't believe that meter reads are one of the Service Requests that we can make with our Other User role - but I could be wrong. No doubt @clive will let us know if I got that wrong.

  • Hello!

    I've just joined the forum, although we've had the IHD for a couple of months now. As we have an electric vehicle I'd like to use our detailed electricity usage data to compare EV tariffs. I'm trying with the API but it's well beyond my comfort zone!! Let's just say it's a steep learning curve.

    So I'm definitely a +1 vote for the CSV export as well!

  • I've got some CSV using the HTTP API and JQ (from jq (stedolan.github.io))

    It's exceedingly hacky and ugly. This program gets your API token#!/bin/bash

    curl -X POST \
            -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
            -H "applicationId: b0f1b774-a586-4f72-9edd-27ead8aa7a8d" \
            -d '{ "username": "example@gmail.com", "password":"redacted" }' \
            "https://api.glowmarkt.com/api/v0-1/auth" | jq '.token' > token

    You'll need the token for this program

    curl -X GET \
            -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
            -H "token: <api-token-goes-here>" \
            -H "applicationId: b0f1b774-a586-4f72-9edd-27ead8aa7a8d" \
            "https://api.glowmarkt.com/api/v0-1/resource/33873f24-bdb2-4047-b1cc-77fef502be3a/readings?from=2021-03-21T00:00:00&to=2021-03-22T23:59:59&period=PT1M&offset=0&function=sum" \
            | jq '.data[] | @csv' > glow.csv

    It needs work to get the timestamps turned into GMT times. The quote marks are also all over the place. If I needed more than a hack I'd parse the JSON in a python or C/C++ program.

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