SM only reporting Night Rate Tariff

I have a Glow CAD (v1.9.1) and the Home Assistant integration (v1.6.4) so that I am able to monitor my Import/Export plus other info. However, this question is not about the Glow CAD per se.

Recently (at 12:52:40 on the 10/06/2024) the unit rate reading changed on my EDMI ES-10B. It switched from the Day to the Night Rate. I am on a 2-Rate tariff but the timing for the Night Rate is 00:30Zulu to 07:30Zulu. The Smart Meter is reporting the correct time. Prior to this, my "Unit Rate" did change at APPROXIMATELY the right times. They varied by up to an hour-out on a 31 day cycle?

In an effort to understand what may be happening, I visited my meter at 21:10 to view the "TARIFF NOW" menu option. To my surprise, it reported "SEARCHING" for at least 10 minuets before showing a reading that equalled the MQTT data from the CAD.

So my questions are these:

  1. Are the values in the Smart Meter "pushed" from <somewhere> or does the Smart Meter "pull" (as the word searching suggest) the Unit Rates, Times, Supplier Info, Time etc. from the DCC?
  2. Does this mid-day change suggest a firmware update, a remote service exercise or a broken meter?
  3. In the absence of any help from the Utility Supplier, are there any other resources that a user can turn too? I know about the Ombudsman Service but my supplier choses to make multiple Goodwill Gestures rather than fix the problem!

Regards, Martin

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