Should I get a Display & CAD for my setup?

Hi all,

Looking for a bit of advice around my particular setup.

I live in an apartment, second (top) floor where my Smart Meter is on the ground floor, opposite side of the building. There are also two floors made of concrete between the meter my flat.

By my understanding, the display would connect to Wifi and connect locally over wifi to an MQTT broker, but I also understand that the device needs to connect directly with my meter?

Is that true?

My goal is to import as accurate as possible usage info from my meter, but at the moment, I'm reliant on the Home Assistant HACS integration which is really spotty and unreliable.

I DO have a complete consumer unit in my flat, so is it better for me to use something like a Shelly PM instead? I was hoping for something with decent accuracy though and Shelly's don't have a great rep for that that I know of.

I don't need a display other than what I want to display in Home Assistant, BUT, if the Display & CAD don't need a point to point connection with the meter itself, I am willing to go that route - I just don't think that's how it works though.

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