Cumulative export?


I've had solar panels installed and just had my export tariff set up with Octopus. I have an email from UK Power Networks with my new export MPAN, although physically I only have one meter. The data I'm receiving on local MQTT just has a cumulative export value for my import MPAN, and it's reading 0. I've tried restarting my IHD, but it's not picking up the new MPAN.

My power reading goes negative correctly when I'm exported, but I'd really like access to the accurate total export value.

I can see some old posts saying that cumulative export wasn't supported, but was coming. Is that still accurate? Is there anything else I should do to pick it up?

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  • I think you need to follow my example and collect your data into a local SQLite or Mariadb (new name for MySQL) database. That requires some simple programming and nothing extra from the Glowmarkt folks.

    My code is at

  • I wish I was more technically minded, I know I can use Mariadb as an add-on in Home Assistant but beyond that!

  • I'm not sure what happened, but my cumulative export figure appeared today. Well technically yesterday at 1450, I am in the process of changing export tariff from Scottish Power to E.On, not sure if that is relevant?

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