Glowmarkt API data retrieval using GoogleAppsScript

I want to use GoogleAppsScript and am following the API documentation.

I can successfully perform Step 1.Authenticate, i.e., obtain “valid”:true, and a “token”. I also retrieve an undocumented "isTempAuth":false.

So, then I move to Step 2. Get all virtual identities, using:

·        GET,

·        "contentType":application/json,

·        “applicationId":b0f1b774-a586-4f72-9edd-27ead8aa7a8d,

·        and my token.

But I get an exception - “Request failed for returned code 400. Truncated server response: {"error":"bad request","message":"bad request"}”

Have been banging my head for a long time now, any ideas, or anyone else found this?

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