Solar Export Data Missing

Hi - we have a 2015 Solar system with a immersion divert when generation is greater than usage.

On sunny days and when the hot water tank is already hot we obviously export to the grid etc.

Our newly fitted smart meter shows the pylon symbol and a "live" wattage figure.

However, when I try to download the smart meter data I can only get our gas & electricity import figures - not the actual export data. I would like this data to see whether it would be benficial to move over to a SEG tariff and how it would factor into getting an EV or storage battery.

Our currrent energy company customer srrvice team are at a loss on how to help provide it.

Do they need to activate something either in the smart meter / the HAN / DCC data cenre to allow the data to be made available?

Or is there some other "magic" step needed?

Is an export MPAN needed - (i suspect not as all on one grid connection)?

Thanks Magnus

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